by UoPilot

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: UoPilot

Last revision: Last week

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UoPilot is one of the most famous clicker programs used to automate computer operations. Such applications are especially popular among fans of browser and client online games. With clickers, users can automate the collection of virtual resources, the killing of virtual adversaries (mobiles) and many other specific operations. Unfortunately, developers of multiplayer games have a rather negative attitude towards such programs, and some even forbid their use in the rules of their projects. So using UoPilot you risk getting all sorts of sanctions from administrators and game masters up to and including blocking your gaming account.

Using the same program for "peaceful" purposes, you get a great assistant who will save you from routine and precious time. UoPilot includes a handy script editor with syntax highlighting. But even if you are not strong in writing scripts, you can download the ready-made ones, which are written for the application quite a lot, or just "write down" the mouse movements you need and clicking them yourself. As you can see, the program is equally well suited for both advanced and novice users. Besides, the clicker is distributed completely free of charge.

- allows you to automate many operations with your computer;

- includes a convenient script editor;

- supports hotkeys;

- helps with online games;

- has a very simple and clear interface;

- is distributed completely free of charge.

Riley (unverified)
it is application to automate computer operations that are routine. adjust resource collction.
Ben (unverified)
UoPilot was created as a basic user geared mouse-click program to give advantage to online gamers. Their claim is that as long as it is used for good or peace, there should be no issues with the games itself rejecting the code. It specifies that users can either write their own code or use a template. As far as basic mouse-click automation software goes, this is about as simplistic as it gets and could be recommended for anyone of any age.
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