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Blat is a command line utility for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Blat Manager

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Blat is a very small utility that can send messages through the SMTP protocol. It is designed primarily for experienced users and system administrators, as it is managed through a command line. You can view the list of commands and instructions for use in the Docs directory.

E-mails can be sent either manually or to automate the process: you just need to create a simple bat-file where you can write all the necessary instructions, you can use a text document as a base with addresses, among other things, the program can add files to the e-mails as attachments.

Since the program is completely free and distributed under the GPL license, it can be used in your projects, the source code is available to programmers on the developer's website.

Blat is a type of email/message system that does not seem to be for the average user. Significant understanding of administrative capabilities and commands are needed to utilize the software. If you are versed in those skills, it appears to operate similar to any common email software.
The review for the SMTP Relay Server from Ixis Research LTD is more descriptive than evaluative, but the software is given a rating of four and half out of five stars. The description indicates the software has the capability to turn convert any Windows PC to an SMTP server that allows the user to send email messages. At the close of the brief review, the writer indicates two outstanding features of the relay server software: the ability to protect the user from hacker attacks and the option to filter SPAM.
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