Business Analysis

by Bizpep Applications

An online tool for business forecasting, valuation, breakeven, and optimum pricing determination

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bizpep Applications

Release : Business Analysis 3

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The Business Analysis software is a valuable tool that assists companies in understanding and quantifying their present and future performance. It employs advanced algorithms and statistical methods to scrutinize and interpret various aspects of the business, including its value, break-even point, and financial outlook. The software operates directly in your browser, designed for easy use, requiring minimal inputs while providing comprehensive online help and support.

The software’s primary function is to generate a forecast to evaluate the business's performance over a period of up to 10 years. This forecast is prepared considering future changes in the macro and micro business environment and their impact on the business's current performance. From this fundamental data, future revenues, and costs are determined.

  • Forecasting analysis: Generates a forecast to assess business performance over a period of up to 10 years.
  • Sensitivity analysis: Applies a sensitivity analysis (optimistic, expected, and pessimistic) to the generated forecast, enabling easy testing of a range of scenarios.
  • Valuation analysis: Uses the forecast analysis to produce a business valuation that reflects the potential for value addition and takes into account the future business environment.
  • Break-even analysis: Utilizes current performance data to identify break-even points for annual revenue and sales numbers.
  • Pricing analysis: Projects outcomes for prices ranging from 50% to 200% of the current price and computes the optimal price.

The sensitivity analysis can be applied to the generated forecast, enabling easy scenario testing. This forecast provides a strategic insight into the top-level budget, aids in identifying business opportunities and risks, and provides a quantifiable framework for business development strategies and actions.

The Business Analysis software enables companies to accurately forecast and strategize their financial performance.

The valuation analysis applies the forecasting analysis to produce a business valuation, reflecting the potential for value addition and considering the future business environment. This evaluation provides solid support for business purchase, sale, or finance negotiations.

The break-even analysis uses current data to determine break-even points for annual revenue and sales numbers. The price analysis projects outcomes for prices ranging from 50% to 200% of the current price and calculates the optimal price. The optimal price provides the highest surplus (profit). It can be used to test the impact of price changes on revenue and surplus, and identify the optimal price to maximize the business's surplus.

1. Browser-based: No local installation required.
2. Requires an Internet connection for optimal functionality.
3. Compatibility with most recent versions of popular web browsers.
4. Computer with minimum 2GB RAM for smooth operations.

Offers comprehensive forecasting and valuation for informed decision making.
Enables easy scenario testing with sensitivity analysis.
Identifies optimal pricing and break-even points for profit maximization.

Complexity may be overwhelming for first-time users.
Dependent on accurate input, incorrect data can skew predictions.
Lacks integration capabilities with external accounting software.
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