Código de Barras AFIP RG 1702

Easy to use software for the generation of barcodes for AFIP vouchers

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This useful software is designed to make it easier for busy companies to keep track of their inventories with the use of barcodes. AFIP RG 1702 Bar Code for windows allows users to print barcodes for their business whilst making use of an extremely simple user interface at the front end of a reliable and robust program. Once a data series is entered such as the CUIT users can quickly begin printing bar codes that are generated by the software straight away. The software comes complete with extensive guides but is incredibly simple and could be used by those who only have a basic level of skill with computers. The software is also able to show when an error is made and when some information entered does not conform to RG 1702 standards the user will be informed. The error or characters that are missing will be indicated, making problem-solving easier. There is also a function that enables users to save the specific data set they want to use and then load it up at a later date, enabling a company to prepare its data way in advance of actual usage. The software also allows for a good range of editing customization options in terms of bar code sizes, shapes of bar codes, different color options, and the ability to edit the background of the bar code itself. 

Simple to use

  • Bar codes can be saved in numerous formats from enhanced metafile (emf) to graphics interchange format (gif) and joint photographic experts group (jpeg).
  • The user interface is incredibly easy to use and stripped back.
  • Bar code size, shape, color, and background may be edited freely for convenience. 
  • If the data set is incorrect or some characters are missing error messages will be shown. 
  • Data entered may be saved and then loaded at a later date when ready to be used. 
If you're looking for a software program that will allow you to more easily keep tabs on the inventory for your business, then you need to check out Código de Barras AFIP RG 1702 for Windows. This program helps business owners print out barcodes for inventory. The software also alerts users to any errors to assist with troubleshooting. Best of all, barcodes can be customized by shape, size and color.
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