Cakewalk Sonar

by Cakewalk Software Music

Develops compuer software for recording informaiton

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cakewalk Software Music

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cakewalk Sonar is a powerful audio composition tool. This product is positioned as a real production center, where you can work on bright arrangements and remixes, superimpose audio effects, improve sound and bring together tracks.

When we run the program, we need to create a new project or open an existing one. In the upper part of the working window there are tabs Marker, Transport, Tempo, Loop and System. They can be moved to any part of the screen. The audio track menu with volume control and panoramas can be seen below. At the bottom are the MIDI tracks, which have almost all the same buttons. On the right side is the music track itself. To download the desired track, you need to use the Insert Audio Track function. Then you can select a track with the right mouse button and apply audio and midi effects (Insert Effect tab) or divide the song into segments (Split function).

On the left side of the screen there is an equalizer menu. Right-click and select Enable Eq and Show Eq Properties to bring up the equalizer settings. In older versions, the effects basket is underneath the equalizer, and in newer versions, next to the audio track settings. At the bottom there is a Show/Hide Bus Pane button that opens the Show/Hide Bus Pane menu. They are used to process several tracks at once. The main instruments, such as the piano or synthesizer, are located in the Views tab. More detailed information on writing and processing music can be found at the official English language forum of the program.

"Sonar" opens up great opportunities for creating your own songs. If you use guitars, vocals and percussion instruments, there are a lot of different settings for all of the above. With the help of plug-ins and mixer you can get a real studio sound. Plus, Cakewalk's products are in great demand among renowned musicians (Hollywood Undead, Flyleaf) and producers (TC Spitfire), which indicates the high quality of this software.

- alignment of vocal tracks with the VocalSync tool;

- the ability to switch between different states of the mix (e.g. before and after effects are applied) using the Mix Recall;

- change the tempo of the track;

- Guitar amp kits and drum kits;

- Control all effects with FX Stack;

- a convenient panel to create a MIDI;

- precise sound processing.

Hi am musician , the software really help me to correct the pitch of the voice, and pitch of the music, also we can edit the stuff whatever we want, good try , also this is like my pet, always with me,
I love using Cakewalk Sonar for Windows because it really lets my creative juices flow to the maximum level. I appreciate that it sets the bar high for recording outputs and that the audio quality is always professional and top notch. I'm impressed by how easy it is to produce custom music and record and compose it with ease thanks to Cakewalk.
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