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Cardpeek is a free software designed to read and interpret the contents of magnetic cards that conform to the ISO/IEC 7813 standard.

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Cardpeek is a tool for reading the contents of smartcards, such as credit and debit cards, membership cards, or transit cards. It allows users to view the data stored on the card, and also to modify the data, if desired. It is a free, open source software package, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Cardpeek provides a comprehensive set of features for smartcard analysis, making it a powerful tool for cardholders, researchers, and developers. It allows users to:

• Read the data stored on a smartcard, including card numbers, expiration dates, and other information

• Modify the data stored on a card, allowing users to customize their cards for different purposes
• Analyze the communication between the card and a card reader, allowing users to understand the flow of data and identify potential security vulnerabilities
• Create scripts that can be used to automate tasks such as card cloning, card authentication, and data analysis
• Generate reports that summarize the results of card analysis

Cardpeek is easy to use and is designed to be user-friendly. It has a graphical interface that allows users to quickly and easily view the data stored on their cards. It also includes a command-line interface that allows users to write scripts for more advanced analysis.

Cardpeek is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to analyze smartcards. It is free and open source, making it accessible to anyone with an interest in smartcards. With its comprehensive set of features and intuitive design, Cardpeek is the perfect tool for cardholders, researchers, and developers.

Cardpeek requires the following:

- A computer with a USB port and an Internet connection
- Supported operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
- Supported card types: Most ISO 7816 smart cards, including contactless NFC cards, HID iCLASS, Mifare, and EMV cards.
- A card reader (optional).

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Ethan P*******j

Cardpeek is a free software for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows that allows users to read and interact with the data stored on various types of smart cards, including credit cards, EMV cards and SIM cards. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to view and edit the data stored on the card, as well as a command line tool to access the data. Cardpeek also supports scripting and can be used to automate card operations.
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Murray B.

I recently installed the Cardpeek software and found that it is a user-friendly and efficient tool to read credit or debit cards. It allows you to easily read data stored on various contactless smart cards. The GUI is intuitive, so it is easy to make sense of the data being read. I was also impressed with the range of cards that the software is able to read. The software even reads cards from countries that I'm not familiar with. It also runs on a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Mac. The software is also regularly updated, so I'm confident that it will continue to work well in the future. The support staff is also very helpful and responsive when I had questions. Overall, I'm very pleased with the Cardpeek software.
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James U******a

I have recently used the Cardpeek software for my research and found it to be a reliable and effective tool. It allows you to read and analyze the contents of different types of smart cards and is easy to use. I was also able to copy information from the cards and store it on my computer. The Cardpeek software also has a nice graphical interface that makes it easy to navigate and view the data. Furthermore, the software supports multiple card reading protocols which makes it versatile. I was able to get the data I needed quickly and easily with Cardpeek. The support staff was also very helpful and answered my queries in a timely manner. All in all, I found this software to be a great tool for my needs.
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Charlie Leek

I have found Cardpeek to be a useful tool for quickly viewing the content of smart cards. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of features. I particularly appreciate the ability to read and write data from contactless cards. The interface is intuitive and the graphical layout makes it simple to explore the card content.
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