Celestia Portable

by Celestia Development

A space simulation program that's fast and light without any unnecessary extras

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Celestia Development

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Celestia Portable is a space simulation software that lets you explore planets, moons, and stars right from your Windows PC. It's free and lightweight that it takes no time to install and can be used immediately. The controls can require a little bit of time to get used to, but it is robust and helpful to pinpoint where exactly in the universe you want to explore. There is a feature called "Tour Guide" that includes several planets and stars you can choose from to get up close to those planetary bodies. But perhaps the most useful feature comes with the "Solar System Browser" where it lists all the planets, satellites, as well as other points of interest in our solar system. Once you pick your desired destination, Celestia Portable makes a seamless pan and zoom to the next location, making you feel as if you're really there and you're really traveling through space. This software is definitely a must for future junior astronauts, scientists, and everyone who is curious to explore space.

Explore the Earth, Solar System, and beyond with this lightweight app that can be installed and can be used in seconds.

  • Real-time exploration of planets, moons, stars, and other points of interests
  • A very lightweight application that does not take too much computer storage space
  • Tour Guide and Solar System Browser for more precise and easier navigation towards different locations in our universe
  • High-quality 3D images of planets and satellites in our Solar System
  • Dynamic and customizable controls
Celestia is a space simulator published by Celestia Team and PortableApp.com in which you can explore our solar system, the milky way and zoom into thousands of stars across the galaxy with stunning detail to attention providing hours of entertainment. Celestia does not need to be installed and can be run from the cloud, a local folder or even a USB stick which makes it very user-friendly. Celestia can be run on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
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