by AgriMetSoft

Gives an analysis of meteorological data related to drought conditions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AgriMetSoft

Release : MDM 1

Antivirus check: passed

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MDM (Meteorological Drought Monitor) is a specialized software tool. It was released and developed by AgriMetSoft – a company known for providing software packages related to climate change, weather, agriculture, and other similar areas. MDM is designed to analyze data of weather variables that might have an effect on drought.

The calculations for MDM come from two main sources of data. The first source is a station data file that shows daily precipitation-based data in Excel format. The second source comes from the Middle East region, which is a database of daily precipitation from AgMERRA – a dataset that’s prepared for different variables.


MDM calculates eight rain-based meteorological drought indices to provide valuable insights for researchers, meteorologists, and weather enthusiasts.

The features of MDM include the following:

  • The user interface of MDM is simple and easy to navigate.
  • It is capable of calculating indices for various time scales.
  • MDM allows for the comparison of multiple locations to enhance usability for large-scale studies.
  • It can calculate multiple meteorological drought situations and provide relevant analysis.
  • A visual representation of calculated indices is given to make the interpretation process easier.
  • It allows users to analyze the influence of different data sources on calculated indices.
  • The file size of the software is only 147.59 MB.
  • It works on Windows 10.
  • MDM is freeware which means that it can be used for free.

MDM works by calculating eight rain-based drought indices. 

The Meteorological Drought Monitor can be downloaded from the official website of AgriMetSoft or through a third-party website – via mirror downloading. Then the user can start the analysis by clicking on the desired location on an integrated map. These results can be seen as a visual analysis. So if you are looking for useful insights on meteorological drought, MDM is the right choice for you.

Operating System: Windows 7 or later
At least 2GB RAM
Excel for handling synoptic station data files
Internet connection for AgMERRA database access

User-friendly tool for meteorology and environmental professionals.
Calculates eight different meteorological drought indices.
Includes interactive map and comprehensive help file.

Limited to meteorological data, disregarding other drought factors.
Requires regular manual input of daily rainfall data.
No automatic updates or real-time data incorporation feature.