Skype Forwarder logo
kype Forwarder employments a voice modem as a door between the Skype arrange and your phone supplier, sending in both bearings.
2-Way SMS Messenger logo
A 2 way SMS Messenger for windows allows to send multiple messages
Imo logo
A free work area adaptation of the web-based moment courier administration accessible for Android, iOS and Mac
Send Bulk SMS logo
A computer-based tool allowing for fast bulk-sending of SMS text messages.
Miranda IM logo
A muliti protocol client Messanger for Windows, it is used on light on frame work assets and amazingly very quick
Messenger Reviver logo
An application allows to use Windows Live messenger and any of its version.
Text SMS Software (Multi USB Modem) logo
A Windows program to send bulk messages from computer
CyberNet Worlds logo
CyberNet worlds in a 3d that allows you inside to the different environment
Digsby Portable logo
The interface that lets you manage different IM, social networks and email all in one place.
VIPole Secure Messenger logo
Instant messaging application with superior security for your privacy and protection
Winpopup NET messenger logo
Messenger service for the professional office environment
RealPopup logo
A LAN messenger with file transfer for Windows, macOS, and Android
Woize logo
The cheapest internet telephony application that allows us to call anywhere in the world
Massive sMs logo
Text messaging is a very effective and direct line of communication.
Jihosoft WhatsMate logo
A data manager and transfer facilitator for the popular WhatsApp application
Teampel logo
A product management, IM type application
mIRC logo
A program that allows you to chat with others in group or private
Messenger for Desktop logo
Messenger for Desktop for Windows is multi-platform communication software with voice-call, sound-call features.
Windows Live Messenger logo
Cross-platform messaging software that connects with Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and more
Yahoo! Messenger logo
A messenger service to keep you in contact with your friends
Facebook Messenger logo
A social media messaging app that has video and audio capability
MetroTwit logo
An attractive, sleek alternative Twitter interface with added features
Digsby logo
An all-in-one email, chat and social networking
Zoom Meetings logo
An online video conferencing program for business and personal use
WebSMS logo
Send text messages from any computer that has an internet connection
iSendSMS logo
A software package to send multimedia and short text messages to a mobile phone
ICQ logo
This tool is an instant messaging and VoIP client that works across platforms
Softros LAN Messenger logo
An instant LAN messaging software application for home or office users
CommFort logo
Chat between users, transfer files, and establish a live informant on your network
X-Lite logo
Allows you to make calls on any device that you deem important
mySMS logo
A program to send and receive text messages
LINE logo
Allows for the making of free voice calls and sending messages easily
Vypress Chat logo
User friendly chat for windows servers accessible
Ventrilo logo
Free software used for communication across a server
Free Video Call Recorder for Skype logo
A video call recorder for recording Skype calls
Pamela for Skype logo
Allows for audio and video software for windows
Clownfish for Skype logo
Translate your Skype messages in real-time, allowing recipients to read messages in their language of choice
Paltalk logo
A one stop portal for all of your chat apps or logins.
Glip (64-bit) logo
Glip gives users real-time access to communicate and contact with other people
YakYak logo
A desktop client like Google Hangouts, where you can chat with others.
ZamTalk Messenger logo
Easily stay in touch with your friends around the world and meet new people
Pinger Desktop 2.0 logo
Send messages for free to people in different countries
Zoosk Messenger logo
A premier way to meet and chat with singles online.
RaidCall logo
RaidCall tools are geared toward gamers and group chatters by integrating text, voice and group chatting into one tool.
Voicemod logo
Change your voice to sound like something else while chatting online
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond logo
Changes voice of the user and allows the use for narration and other tools
Multi Skype Launcher logo
Allows for connection of multiple Skype accounts at the same time
Bandoo logo
A program that brings those who are close to you by allowing all instant messengers in one place