Chess Timer

by Jason Livesay

An open-source, free application to track time for chess games

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jason Livesay

Release : Chess Timer 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Chess games are fun and can be made more exciting with a time control application. It has a clean and simple interface that does not feel ugly and is easy to customize. Using this software, you can set a limit for each move your opponent makes. 


This chess clock supports 8-time controls and has a dual clock on the screen. The playing strategy is simple. When a player starts his move, he taps the clock and turns the timer on. Similarly, the opponent taps the clock on his turn, and both have to finish the game within the time limit or when the clock reaches zero. 

Chess Timer allows you to set limits on conventional chess games so you can maintain a fair gaming environment.




  • It is an efficient tool that tracks time with a resolution of just 1 millisecond. 
  • You get a simple user interface that best represents the digital game timer. 
  • Chess Timer operates on different systems. This is because it is built to perform well on almost all devices. 
  • The animations are smooth, so if you have to set time or add extra minutes, you can do so without any technical issues. 
  • When playing, you can view the screen in landscape mode or take a portrait view. The purpose of this feature is to provide 100% convenience to users. 
  • It has different time control modes like Fischer, Bronstein, and Hourglass. Similarly, key shortcuts are also available for users. 


Chess Timer can be an efficient software you can trust for your playing sessions. It is free to download, and you can also save the executable files on your USB device. In the main window, you can see hints on how to use the hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. The latest version of this application also allows gamers to keep track of their past games or track their profiles. 


What most people love about this software is the freedom to create a personalized interface. Moreover, it has different clock models. The most common ones include the normal chess clock, Fischer clock, and Bronstein Clock. 



1. Must be compatible with online multiplayer matches
2. Allows players to set custom game time parameters
3. Includes high-visibility digital chess clock
4. Features countdown, increment and Bronstein time modes

Ensures fair play by regulating each player's thinking time.
User-friendly with an intuitive interface for easy time customization.
Online multiplayer feature allows synchronized gameplay for all participants.

Limited clock modes available compared to other software.
No mobile app version, limiting usability.
Sound alerts are not customizable.
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