Chess Tournaments

by bdshahab

A tool for hosting and managing chess tournaments without real chess rules guidance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: bdshahab

Antivirus check: passed

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'Chess Tournaments' is a chess-focused software that simplifies the organization of chess tournaments, without needing to worry about the actual game rules. It is designed both for tournament organizers and passionate players.

When you open the software, it creates a 'Data' folder intended to save the program's settings as well as notes about the tournaments and participants. Players can compete on the same device or through multiple network-connected devices. The software highlights the squares the mouse cursor is pointing to, reducing the mistakes made during computer chess games. Of course, making moves with the keyboard is also possible.

  • Does not show legal moves: Players need to know the chess rules before starting a game. This is a fundamental rule in chess tournaments, as it's forbidden to ask for advice during the game.
  • Displays the last move: The program shows the last move made in a dedicated section, keeping you constantly updated about the game's progression.
  • Manages a database: The program has all necessary features to manage a database. However, it doesn't allow analyzing games with chess engines or creating variations for them.
  • PGN Formats: The software uses the PGN format and its standards. In certain cases where there's no definitive standard, the program uses similar formats.

It provides a full range of time controls on chess clocks. If you require more complex time controls, you can also use them, as the software allows you to start a game from any position with two different time controls. Thus, you can manage any time control, at any time, in any position. Once your game is over, you can incorporate all the moves into the initial game and view your game as a single play and not in several segments.

'Chess Tournaments' software streamlines the management and organization of chess competitions efficiently and comprehensively.

Moreover, you have the ability to paste a raw PGN game using the 'Add Moves' section. This section is smart, and you don't even need to set up the game's initial position. 'Chess Tournaments' is truly an essential software for anyone looking to organize or participate in a chess tournament.

- Software should support network-connected device gameplay
- Must have time control features for chess clocks
- Requires the ability to start games from any position
- Should manage a database with participant and tournament info

Simplifies organization of chess tournaments for players and organizers.
Enables play on single or multiple network-connected devices.
Supports a wide range of chess clock time controls.

Software does not show players' possible legal moves.
Lacks compatibility with chess engine for game analysis.
No feature to create game variations for study.
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