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Dictate all your audio needs on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: chevolume

Release: CheVolume

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CheVolume provides the ability to make use of all your media applications and volume controls from one simple application, there's no fret or stress involved. CheVolume can control ABSOLUTELY all of them in one program, whether it's your gaming software or just a simple youtube page! You can also control multiple outlets from your PC from this software, you're not limited to just one output, you can control multiple headsets, speakers, albeit anything connected to your PC. You can also move each application, or program that is using audio to specific outputs, no longer tied to just one output. Che Volume allows you to dictate how you want to rearrange and make the most use out of your applications in regards to audios. It also has a very big audio mixer, it allows you to control absolutely any audio that is currently running on your device, it's simply magical and you won't regret using it just for that purpose alone, it beats any other software similar to it. There's also a way to just use it quickly, just an easy accessed option where you can pull up your current audio and make changes to it if you need, this software is very intuitive and doesn't require much tech knowledge in order to make full use of it.


  • Assign any audio you want
  • Convert all audio onto one platform
  • Controls all audio
  • Quick ease use

This software is perfect for people who use a lot of audio programs and game a lot while using audio, it doesn't hold you back from anything other than managing it yourself. The conclusion is that if you want to be able to use all your audio and make use of it properly then this is the solution for you and don't hold back from getting it!

Controls all media from one application.
these is a handy replacement that helps you to mute change or increase and decrease a particular sound it also allows you to select which device your application, movie, game sound will go.
Kai Q*******j
CheVolume is a Windows audio mixer software that allows users to control the volume of individual applications and the master volume of the system. It works with a wide range of sound cards, and allows users to adjust the volume of any application, including games, media players, web browsers, and more. The software also features a range of sound effects, such as a 10-band equalizer, virtual surround sound, and more.
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