Audials Light

An all-in-one solution for media streaming on your PC

Operating system: Windows

Release: Audials Light 2019.0.11700.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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While keeping their valuable hard drive space free, Audials Light users will find benefits that go beyond just extra space. Audials Light is a fully-featured media streamer with an intuitive and streamlined design. You'll find that you have powerful control over your media streams, allowing you to perform the same functions you're familiar with in a media player while gracefully staying at the ready but out of your way until you need them.


  • Audials Light designers created this software with every kind of user in mind, so whether you're simply streaming audio to your laptop at work or watching an HD movie on a transatlantic flight without WiFi, Audials Light has you covered.
  • Audials Light gives users the option to keep files on a computer hard drive should you find yourself with limited internet service. Not only that, but Audials Light allows users to download files directly from some of your favorite media sites, including SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Keen on saving you time and energy, Audials Light engineers made sure to include several features that make it easier to avoid hopping into other programs when you don't need to. With a fully-functional search feature accessible right in your Audials Light Dashboard, you won't need to open up a new browser window to find what you're looking for.
  • And when you need to get to your files quickly, Audials Light gives you powerful options to manage your media files, whether streaming or local.

Designed with you in mind, Audials Light brings the joy back to your media! Why go through the hassle of media players with inferior designs when you could already be jamming out or enjoying your favorite show? With Audials Light, you get what you want when you want it!

A fully capable alternative to other media management and streaming suites like Windows Media Player, Audials Light utilizes streaming media, freeing up hard drive space that would otherwise be taken up by gig-hungry music and video files.
Rida Haque
Is this software free? And is it free to be using the software to download from Soundcloud and other platforms such as YouTube? To my knowledge, it is illegal to download from YouTube unless one is paying for it - but even then there are strict copyright laws. This software seems a bit illegitimate to me and should be required to release additional information.
I would say this product would get a perfect review Learning about this Audio Light software I am very likely to try this quick installing software Software that organizes your music could not ask for better software that you can view different files or folders from. Having everything at the palm of your hands and take your music anywhere you go with easy access
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