Cleaning Service

by Binary House Software

An efficient tool for managing, scheduling, and recording all aspects of a cleaning business.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Binary House Software

Release : Cleaning Service 3.4

Antivirus check: passed

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The cleaning service software is a potent tool designed to optimize the efficiency of your cleaning business. It provides a comprehensive platform where you can swiftly record and review the details of every cleaning task you have performed. This includes various sectors related to the cleaning industry, such as floor care, carpet cleaning, window washing, housekeeping training, and much more.

Thanks to a built-in calendar, you can schedule appointments with your clients effectively. You can view other scheduled service dates, timings, and distances to find the best slot for a client. Each client's history is conveniently stored and displayed on the main client screen for easy reference. This historical archive is comprehensive and permanently retained with each client for quick reference.

  • Work hours scheduling: The software ensures that orders do not overlap with those from other clients and helps you keep track of scheduled appointments.
  • Client information: The software records client information, such as their address, phone number, email, and comments.
  • Fee calculation: The program's convenient interface calculates and displays the "charged fees," helping you make quick decisions.
  • Reminders: You can create reminders to alert workers of tasks to be performed.
  • Automatic search and auto-fill fields: If a client has been previously entered into the database, the software offers an automatic search and auto-fill fields function.

In addition, the software allows you to review payment information and the daily income of any given day at any time. For those working with Microsoft Outlook, data export is possible. And in case of system crashes or virus attacks, an automatic backup function with the option to automatically delete old archives is also available.

The software optimizes the cleaning business operations, enhancing scheduling, task tracking, and client information management.

This modern and extremely useful software makes management a pure pleasure. Once you have paid for the software, you receive all future versions of this program FREE and for life!

Operational on major operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
Minimum 2GB RAM for smooth operation
10GB free hard disk space for installation and data storage
Internet connection for syncing with cloud storage and updates

Efficient appointment scheduling with built-in calendar feature.
Comprehensive client history for quick reference.
Automatic backup function ensures data safety.

Limited customization options can restrict user flexibility.
No offline capabilities for remote or field work.
Data export is only compatible with Microsoft Outlook.
Cleaners say it makes work easier and more organized.
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