Simply Calendars logo
A calendar creator tool for Windows with custom formats and personalized images
Task Coach Portable logo
Get organized with the ultimate to-do list organizer with Task Coach
Microsoft Office OneNote logo
A versatile note-taking software for Windows devices that makes use of Microsofts One Drive Cloud system
ToDoList logo
To do list app for microsoft windows processors
Tomighty logo
Free desk top timer accessible for something
Wunderlist logo
To do list app for windows accessible
Roof Builder logo
A Windows program for calculating roofing and facades
KruTube logo
Windows software to help quickly promote your YouTube channel
Tomboy logo
A free and open-source desktop note-taking application fir Unix and Windows
EssentialPIM logo
A way to integrate their email, passwords, calendars, contacts, etc. into one application
TopTracker logo
Keep track of time spent on your projects
AZZ Cardfile logo
Organize your contact details and information
WinCalendar logo
A calendaring application that helps you create and customize your own schedule in popular formats
PersonalBrain logo
A mind mapping app for the masses, available for Window PCs
MyLifeOrganized logo
An organizer tool that allows you to easily manage your to-do lists