by MacPaw Inc

A software designed to scan and optimize one's PC for better performance overall

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MacPaw Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CleanMyPC is a large set of tools to clean up your system and simplify some of your daily tasks. The first thing you will notice after the first launch is the stunning interface. The graphic shell of the program is so well thought-out that it does not allow you to take your eyes off yourself. But still, appearance is not the most important thing, so let's talk about how CleanMyPC will make your life easier. In addition to a standard set of functions, such as removing trash files, clearing the registry, removing traces of staying on the network, and so on, the application is able to find and wipe out unnecessary help files and unused language packs. In the course of complex analysis the program finds and makes a list of suspicious programs and files, thus increasing the security of the system.

But that's not all. CleanMyPC launches a number of its own services that monitor changes to the autoload list, display unobtrusive one-click cleaning suggestions for the cart, or suggest cleaning. The last offer appears in case your computer has not seen "general cleaning" for a long time. CleanMyPC also includes tools to completely remove programs and individual files, as well as a widget and add-on manager.

- allows you to delete Internet cache and log files;

- removes unused help files and language packs;

- "struggling" with trash files and extra registry keys;

- allows you to completely delete programs that wipe away the traces they left behind;

- Includes built-in tools to manage autoload and widgets.

Ever have that feeling of not knowing why your PC is slow or full of unwanted files? Well with CleanMyPC you can be relieved to know that it has the capability to clean every aspect of your PC to ease those every day tasks. Not only will it clean it will also monitor and notify when certain issues arise with your PC!
when my computer starts running slow, or I have ran out of space, and my computer is full of files I don't need is completely frustrating. CleanMyPC gives you the ability to clean all aspects of your computer. Most important is that it actually monitors your computer and will notify you when there is a problem with your computer!! This software is a must have.
cleanmypc is a best software to clean the unwanted files in our pc or really works identifies a lot of files taking up space on the found more than 100 registry to fix and it makes the work quick by uninstalling programs and managing extensions.
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