by Francis Gastellu

A clipboard history software for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Francis Gastellu

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Last revision: Last week

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ClipX is a history clipboard manager that allows users to access all their texts and images that were copied to the clipboard. The user can then specify which data to copy in order to paste it wherever they want. This is very useful when you accidentally copied some data over your previously copied text or photo by mistake.


  • access history of clipboard texts and images and the ability to copy this data again.
  • holds about 1000 or more of copied text, the history of an image that can be easily accessed and copied again and pasted in any other software or webpage
  • can be accessed by using the right-click of the mouse from the desktop page. You can easily select it from the drop-down menu of the right mouse click. This makes accessing the history of the clipboard very easy and convenient.
  • can also be accessed by using customized keyboard keys for easier and quicker access for some people who would rather use keyboard shortcuts than a mouse click
  • best of all, ClipX is completely free of charge. You can download it and use it on your computer anytime with all its available features without paying anything for the program.

ClipX is free software that allows users to have access to more than 1000 copied texts and images into the clipboard. Whether you mistakenly copied some data over previously copied important data or simply because you want to copy multiple texts and images at the same time for quicker access for pasting the information wherever you need it, ClipX is available to assist in that matter in a very reliable and productive way. Compared to other clipboard history management software, ClipX contains most of the functionality of the software in addition to being completely free software with free updates.

ClipX can keep a history of all copied text and images
Elle Jay
This app s a great idea! It allows you to access anything you've copied to the clipboard- text images, anything! This could be really useful if you're trying to find or remember something you know you copied a while back, but don't have saved anymore. And if you accidentally copied something over, no worries! Very useful.
Luca Maier
If you work from home or at an office on the computer most of the day then this will help a ton. You can hold over a thousand items at a time if you need which saves paper and time. Its not easy to remember everything but this makes it that much more easy.
This is a piece of software that focuses on creating a clipboard history manager. It is a great asset to have because it is great to have thing s that you need to copy and paste. This application is fairly easy to use and it is free as well. This is a great piece of software to have when you are just getting a new computer. It helps a lot of the organization issues that come about when using your PC or desktop for daily use
This is free to download Windows improving tool. It allows your Windows clipboard to hold 1024 pieces of data, instead of one. It can load text strings and bitmap images. ClipX will make your Windows use more productive. It has been reviewed as the best clipboard manager tool. ClipX is safe and virus free. Get this free download toady and improve your computing capacity and productivity.
The Windows notepad is a supportive software in everyday computer jobs. However, it can be enhanced through programs like ClipX for Windows. This easy tool lets you store up to 1024 objects in place of only one. ClipX for Windows has bitmap photos as well. Each item that has been already duplicated can be used anytime despite duplicating more items later. By using ClipX for Windows, you can simply boost the size and working of your notepad, causing it to be increasingly practical for everyday computer jobs.
We've all had the problem where we have to copy and paste things, but you can only do one thing at a time. Clipx for windows enables you to hold up to 1024 items. It's not just text, but it can also hold urls and images in a bitmap format. For someone who constantly copies and pastes things, this is very useful!
The computer clipboard is a really essential tool to every computer user. This is because you will normally need to copy and paste information. But the copy and paste function is capped at one item at a time. ClipX for windows has come to solve this problem. The software enables you to copy and paste up to 1024 items one after the other and still access them whenever you need them Amazing, isn't it? All the copied text can be accessed in a well organized list at the program`s icon on your system tray You can control this software by customized keyboard shortcuts or the application`s icon on the system`s tray. You can therefore copy all types of URLs, small paragraphs and even bitmap images, as many as a thousand. Its a tiny essential tool. Have it!
ClipX is a fully functional clipboard manager for windows. It allows you to keep track for the history of the clipboard entries, and customizable to keep the last 1024 entries. It will change the way you copy and paste, importantly it is absolutely free. It also provides additional tools/functions which can be triggered with the customizable Hotkeys. It has support for both bitmap and text clipboards.
ClipX is a piece of software you never knew you needed. By default, the Windows clipboard (which holds things you have copied) can hold only a single string, whether it be text or an image or anything else. ClipX allows it to hold up to 1024 different strings. Everything you have copied is saved and can be accessed at any time by clicking on the software's icon in your system tray. It is made even easier to use with the inclusion of keyboard shortcuts. ClipX seems to be a very reliable piece of software. I would expect it to slow a computer down, but I have seen no complaints about that. ClipX does have an occasional issue with clearing out saved strings, whereby a string you deleted might pop back up as thought it never left. It also has compatibility issues with older versions of Windows, but that is no surprise.
ClipX for Windows is super easy to use! Just copy the text and it is saved to your Windows clipboard. Nothing could be easier. Well worth the price, FREE!. Supports hotkeys and easily used for jpeg and bitmap. Negatives is that ClixX does not retain the original formating. Four stars.
ClipX for Windows is a very sweet, easy, simple and straight forward software application to use. One of the main purposes of this software is; ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager. You can even use one of the icons to restore your old clipboards, which makes it so convenient and reliable. This software has good performance, and many people are able to use it without prior knowledge straight away.
ClipX is not a new software.This software does not have many updates but the developer maintain that for many years.It is available in portable.Clipx is mostly used for copy and pasting.It has 32-bit and 64-bit also to download the software.By using the clipX mostly there is no problem for many years.It has many good features to use and many possible functions also.
Alfie J*******p
ClipX is a free clipboard manager for Windows that allows users to store and manage their clipboard history. It allows users to quickly access their recently used clipboard items, and has several features such as auto-copy, one-click paste, and custom hotkeys.
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