Convert PDF to Image

by Softinterface, Inc.

This tool simplifies the process of transforming PDF files into various image formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Softinterface, Inc.

Release : Convert PDF to Image 15.40

Antivirus check: passed

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'Convert PDF to Image' is a remarkably sophisticated file conversion tool, specifically designed to transform your PDF files into images. Regardless of whether you need to convert a single PDF or thousands stored across multiple unique folders, and into various types of image files, this tool is your ultimate solution. The most common tasks carried out by our users include converting PDFs to JPGs, PDFs to TIFFs, and PDFs to BMPs.

This application proves especially useful when you regularly need to perform complex conversion tasks. Thanks to the function of saving and recalling conversion work files, 'Convert PDF to Image' promptly remembers all conversion tasks and their details.

  • Scheduling of conversion tasks at regular intervals (based on time or calendar)
  • Option to move/delete input files after conversion
  • Ability to launch other programs and perform file operations
  • User-friendly launch from Windows Explorer with a simple right-click on any PDF
  • Can be used from the command line for batch file operations

'Convert PDF to Image' includes other clever features. For example, you can schedule a conversion task at a regular interval, whether it's time-based or calendar-based, while also having the option to move/delete the input files. Moreover, our conversion tools have the ability to launch other programs and perform file operations.

This software can efficiently convert multiple PDF files into various image formats in a single operation.

'Convert PDF to Image' can be launched intuitively from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on any PDF. It can also be run from the command line, allowing for batch file use and programmatically used from other programs.

1. Operating system: Windows 7, 8, or 10
2. Processor: 1GHz or faster
3. Memory: At least 512MB RAM
4. Disk space: Minimum of 50MB for installation

Efficiently converts single or multiple PDFs to various image types.
Remembers and recalls previous complex conversion tasks.
Allows scheduling of regular or periodic conversion tasks.

Quality of converted images can sometimes be low.
Batch conversion may slow down system performance.
No option for partial PDF-to-image conversion.
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