Canon My Image Garden

by Canon

A software app that allows you to collect, organize, edit and print your photos, as well as creating calendars, collages, greeting cards and more.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Canon

Release: Canon My Image Garden 3.6.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Canon's My Image Garden is an all-inclusive printing tool and photo software application that puts an emphasis on allowing you to be creative. It makes it easy to edit, store, and organize your photos, allowing you to quickly create calendars, photo collages, greeting cards and more using included templates. Installation of My Image Garden is not required, but is recommended to make the most out of your PIXMA printer, and is compatible with nineteen PIXMA models.

Images you create are organized automatically based on the date taken them in a calendar style interface, and you can set up facial recognition to allow the software to automatically retrieve and organize photos based on specific people.

One of Image Garden features, Full HD Movie Print, allows you to play a full-motion video and the software will break it down into still frames, allowing you to select ones you prefer to be stored as pictures. You can also merge several frames together or spread them out. You can also use the software's Direct Disc Print feature to create labels from pictures and add text and editing filters.

My Image Garden comes pre-included with your PIXMA model printer's software setup and can be downloaded by selecting it from the PIXMA range page. A helpful user manual for My Image Garden is available for download as well.

Easy to print and create with all of your photos via all-inclusive photo software.

  • All-inclusive. Allows organizing, editing, storing and printing, all in one app.
  • Makes it easy to find photos taken using calendar interface, and collects photos for you using facial recognition.
  • Allows you to take still frames from full motion video, and makes it easy to be creative with your photos.
  • Optimizes your PIXMA model printer.

My Image Garden is a great, all-inclusive photo software tool. It allows you to share your memories with family and friends by self-organizing and collecting your photos using facial recognition and making it easy to find the people you want to include and makes it easy to create and print calendars, collages, and greetings cards without difficulty using premade templates. It allows fun editing options and allows you to take photos from the full-motion video. The software is also engineered to make the most out of your PIXMA printer as well.

Canon My Image Gard is so versatile because it allows me to collect, organize, edit and print photos, as well as creating calendars, collages, greeting cards and more.
canon is a good printing tool and it is very useful to edit , and it is easy to make changes. by using this application we can create the calenders,photos and greeting cards.we can store, edit ,print in one app. it is multi useful for us .it is easy to access .and it is so versatile.
Connor Gower
Canon My Image is a useful tool intended to help consumers organize and use their photo files. The software also has calendars and stickers that can be used. Some versions even have a scanner included.
The Canon My Image Garden for Windows software is an all-one-one type of digital picture program. The Canon My Image Garden has the functions to apply filters, organize pictures, and even create greeting cards. Anything needing to be done with an image, Canon My Image can do that and more.
My Image Garden is a very useful software for printing. It helps me add a personal and artistic touch to my prints with no hassle. It's much easier to use than pretty much any photo editing software. The templates and features offered provide great prints with minimal effort required on the users end. There are so many options to choose from that this program has nearly endless possibilities. Not only are there many options to choose from but this program is compatible with almost any printer which is very convenient as it can be used from work or home.
It is the photo editing and creating software in your own hand only. It is one of the handy software and it can simply organize and print your photos . It is mainly known as the photo editing and printing software. Depending on your models you can also scan images from MY image garden. a full user guide also available in the my image garden. Here Widows 11 also added as the supported Operating sysytem.
Canon My Image Garden is a software application which allows us to simply take photos. We can scan through this application. The downloaded images are stored under my pictures. It can display in a calendar view. There are three methods for starting this application. It allows you to use photos taken in digital cameras and other images stored in your computer for different types or purposes.
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