Core FTP Server


A secure FTP client for Windows to encrypt account information and data

Operating system: Windows


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Core FTP Server - is a program that allows you to run an FTP-server on a computer running the Windows operating system to establish a full exchange of files using the same protocol.

In one way or another, clients for connection via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) are implemented on all operating systems and platforms, which gives a universal opportunity to download and upload video, music, documents and other files. The principle of work of a server is simple enough: after installation and start it opens access to the chosen files and catalogues. The settings allow you to select files and folders to which you can access, create user accounts and assign them different rights, set up anonymous connection and so on. The server supports the following protocols: FTP, SSL/TLS v2&3, SSH2/SFTP and HTTPS.

The main advantage of Core FTP Server is its simplicity and quick setup. To simply transfer several files, you just need to start Core FTP Server, fill in a field with a username and password to access the server, select a port, and then specify the files or directories to which you want to provide access and press "Start". If you have a firewall installed, you may have to open port 22 in its settings for incoming connections.

- Support for secure SFTP & SSL connections;

- support for national domains (IDNA);

- a quick and safe exchange;

- HIPAA compatibility;

- Z-compression;

- user-friendly interface;

- transfer of files, including to servers on the server;

- full support for Drag&Drop;

- start/stop/restart/restart downloads;

- Automatically resumes downloads;

- traffic control;

- integration into the browser;

- file masks;

- of the Keep Alive function;

- remotely search for files;

- file attributes (CHMOD);

- Extended directory listing;

- editing .htaccess & .htpasswd;

- one-click download;

- command line support;

- support for FTP/HTTP Proxy, Socks 4 and 5 proxy servers.

Core FTP Server allows for simplicity and fast setup when running an FTP-server on a computer with Windows operating system. Full file exchange using the same protocol providing universal upload and download of various files, including music and video.
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