Disk Space Fan

by Cookapp

A handy tool that allows you to visualize your disk usage and clean unwanted/unneeded files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cookapp

Release: Disk Space Fan

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Disk Space Fan 4 is an easy to use tool for Windows OS that allows you to scan your file system, visualize what folders and files are taking up valuable disk space and remediate effectively.

The key attraction to Disk Space Fan 4 is the Ring Chart.  This is a colorful representation of the space in use on your hard drive.  After a short analysis of the drive, you are presented with an easy to understand and an eye-catching circular graph depicting how your disk space is being used and if there are duplicate files and folders.

Disk Space Fan 4 fully integrates into Windows File Explorer.  This allows the product to seamlessly and effortlessly find, display, and delete files without redundant steps on the users' part.  

scan your file system, visualize what folders and files are taking up valuable disk space and remediate effectively!

Disk Space Fan 4 comes in a free, limited feature version and also a paid, fully featured version.  Some of the key features included in the free version are:

  • The scan tool which analyzes the contents of the disk
  • The ringschart (the colorful visualization of how the disk space is being used)
  • The ability to open files or preview images directly from the ringschart
  • The ability to scan network shares

The full version has all the features of the free version but also comes with these additional key features:

  • Automatically checks for new updates (the purchase of Disk Space Fan 4 comes with 2 years of free version updates)
  • Analysis tasks can be initiated directly from within File Explorer
  • The ability to filter and exclude results based on user-defined criteria
  • The ability to delete files directly from the ringschart

Disk Space Fan 4 is a very powerful and handy tool for finding and eliminating culprits using up your finite disk space.  The colorful and animated visualization provided by the ringschart makes it easy for novices and pros alike to keep their hard drives free of clutter.  It has been endorsed by lifehacker.com among others.  

Disk Space Fan 4 is for Windows OS only.

It can be run on any Windows XP from Windows XP SP 3 to Windows 7.  It supports 32 bit and 64 bit OS.  

The MSRP for Disk Space Fan 4 is $19.99, but as of today (01/18/2019) it is on sale for $14.99

Jacob McCaskey
The Disk Space Fan is a tool that can be used for Windows OS that will help you understand how you are using your disk space on your computer. It will also help you get rid of any unwanted files that are taking up space.
Windows operating systems all come with disk space usage tools like Disk Space Fan 4. This is a duplicate product for most consumers with basic computing knowledge. This product may dangerously be a vehicle for malware. I'm not sure why a person would seek out this product or use.
Disk Space Fan may not look like a glamorous tool but it is a very essential piece of software to have on your Windows system, especially if you are like me and use your computer for work and media/entertainment purposes. It finds and removes duplicate files very quickly which is wonderful as I don´t have to go into my program and temp files folders to try to find and scrub duplicate files myself. This tool saves me hours each month and keeps my system clean.
Jake Benton
Disk Space Fan for Windows is software that allows you to organize disk storage and space so that you can do more with your storage. It might be able to find files that are buried deep on your HDD that other programs might not find so give this program if a chance if you really need space, only one drawback is that it must be bought at $15. I am sure it is plausible to find a program of equal caliber for free online, so don't rush and be caught in the trap.
Disk Space Fan is an application that shows you how your disk space is being used in an organized way that makes it easy to recognize. It also searches any duplicate files and allows you to remove them. This is a great application to organize your space well and to make sure you don't have any unnecessary files taking up your space and slowing your PC down.
Disk Space Fan is one of the best application software tools which makes partitions in a particular disk and removes unwanted free spaces in the hard disk. It helps to improve the system's performance. If the System improves itself then, all programs can run smoothly and this application program tool automatically informs the system's performance status instantly and gets report instantly. It helps users for better system performance. This application program tool is applicable to most of the latest Windows Operating Systems.
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