by Disk Space Analyzer

Analyze your hard drive status. Know whats cluttering your hard drive.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Disk Space Analyzer

Release: DiskSavvy 11.5.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DiskSavvy Is a program designed to allow its user to analyze its hard hard drive. This includes everything from space usage to network connectivity. The program allows the user to filter the information that is to be searched for and allows for a report to be saved. Simply right-clicking a folder allows for integration with windows explorer, making for a very user-friendly experience. This is coupled with the software's provision of very in-depth information of the drive scanned, allowing for much more information than what may be found by simply using windows explorer. One aspect that cannot be understated is the ability to export the information that Disksavvy returns, as going through all the data in a hard drive can be a daunting task.


  • Search Tool
  • Can scan both internal and external hard drives
  • Scan multiple hard drives at a time
  • Breaks down the information for the user
  • Scans directories, NAS drives, internal and external drives, as well as network shared devices
  • The user can organize the data displayed by Disksavvy in a way that will be most useful, whether it be by file size, date of creation, alphabetically, last access time, etcetera.

As a free tool, Disksavvy is extremely useful to the average computer user. with a simple, easy-to-understand UI, the level of entry requirement is simply a computer and a desire for it to run more efficiently.

Simple to use, as well as very in depth

Disksavvy will run on any computer with Windows XP or newer, as well as Windows Server 2003 to the newest 2016 version.

DiskSavvy 3.2.16 (3.96 MB)
DiskSavvy 4.0.25 (4.18 MB)
DiskSavvy 4.6.35 (4.67 MB)
DiskSavvy 4.7.26 (4.67 MB)
DiskSavvy 4.8.16 (4.67 MB)
DiskSavvy 6.3.18 (4.87 MB)
DiskSavvy 6.4.12 (4.95 MB)
DiskSavvy 6.7.14 (4.98 MB)
DiskSavvy 6.9.24 (4.99 MB)
DiskSavvy 7.4.28 (5.14 MB)
DiskSavvy 7.5.32 (5.15 MB)
DiskSavvy 7.6.12 (5.16 MB)
DiskSavvy 7.9.24 (5.18 MB)
DiskSavvy 8.0.24 (5.32 MB)
DiskSavvy 8.1.14 (5.33 MB)
DiskSavvy 8.7.16 (5.41 MB)
DiskSavvy 8.9.16 (5.43 MB)
DiskSavvy 9.0.32 (5.48 MB)
DiskSavvy 9.5.14 (5.58 MB)
DiskSavvy 11.5.26 (6.28 MB)
Tyler Ross
DiskSavy is genius and perfectly engineered for any detail analysis on any storage drives. The scans are seamless and efficient. The charts easy identify any issues. DiskSavvy is a must on any PC. Say goodbye to the old Disk utilities and hello to the future.
Fraser Carrillo
Examine the space remaining in your local disks and storage devices with DiskSavvy. DiskSavvy investigations the space remaining in your local disks, network shares and storage devices. It furnishes you with different investigation, order, sifting and detailing abilities so you will realize which documents take an excessive amount of room and where these are found. It likewise has a worked in File Management Operations and backing for Long File Names and Unicode Full Names. This product has a most extreme stockpiling limit of 2 TB and a greatest number of documents of 500,000.
DiskSavvy is a program that will help you analyze how much disk space you have already used, and how much space you have remaining. You can also get information about your network shares. If you have NAS devices, DiskSavvy can analyze those too. You can get analyses across multiple disks. The program will give you visibility so you understand how your disk space is used.
This is a DiskSpace Analyzer that is meant for people who use PC and Windows products. It is a great product to use when you want to manage your space on your desktop and need to have extra space for work and what not. This app is great for people who are working at home or work on their computer a lot. Overall this application has a lot of potential and I think that is will be useful to many consumers.
DiskSavvy is a program that allows users to make the most of their storage devices, by utilizing and optimizing disk space on a number of different formats. DiskSavvy ensures proper analysis of disks, by giving a deep and clear view of what may be hogging up disk space. With the additional ability to save a report of the analysis, DiskSavvy helps keep users aware and informed, allowing them to compare and contrast.
The DiskSavvy software for windows is a disk space usage analyzer which is able to set up and analyze disks, network shares, enterprise storage system and NAS system devices. The users are provided with several disk usage analysis and file classification tools allowing the user to acquire accurate visibility into how the disk space is consumed. The DiskSavvy software also allows file management operations.
This software is used to analyze local disks on a desktop and determine how the disk uses up the space they take. The UI looks clean and easy to use. They also include a desktop GUI application for IT administrators and a server version of the software for NAS storage devices. You can even do batch analysis on multiple disks.
DiskSavvy for Windows is not only free but also it is the best software to analyze your discs, network shares, enterprise storage systems and much more. By the way it analyzes more than one disc at the time so if you want to get rid of things you do not need cluttering your computer this is the right tool to use
Check out DiskSavvy if you're looking for a no-frills space analyzer that lets you run analysis on your disk usage across any directory, network or device. This is a straightforward tool that has all the functionality that you need for disk analysis and nothing else, and features the capabilities to copy files with ease. You can also move or get rid of any features you don't need.
Evan V*******c
DiskSavvy is a disk space analyzer software that helps users visualize, analyze, and manage disk space usage on local and network storage systems. It provides advanced disk space analysis capabilities, allowing users to quickly identify and cleanup disk space hogs, visualize disk space usage trends, and generate disk space usage reports.
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