by DreamStudio

Manage multiple emails in one spot

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DreamStudio

Release: DreamMail

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41079

This software lets you manage multiple emails in one spot. It also has some of the same features that users of other products are used to like RRS reader anti-spam and voicemail. This software is different from the others due to the fact that there are many kinds of templates to use in the emails that you are creating. Meaning that you are able to customize your emails the way you want. Some of the templates that you would find are business, meeting, romantic events, friendly, smiley message and many more.

This system also allows you to use a search engine. This would make looking for that one email that is lost from month or years ago much easier. Another option with this software is that you are able to keep the email that was sent/received by you can delete the attachment. This will help save space on the system. 


Templates that let you change the way your emails look

  • Templates
  • Search engine
  • RRS Reader
  • Anti-Spam 

Looking into the reviews of this product it is ranked with a 4 out of 5 stars. This program will help to manage all those email addresses that you have along with letting you edit the email. One of the nice features is on here is allowing you to delete all the unneeded attachments. You can focus on keeping your email and try to determine if that email you deleted was more important then the other one. The best feature of it all is the templates. What is better than a personalized email to send to someone? 

You must have Windows based computer. 

Software is free to download.