DriveImage XML

by Runtime Software

A reliable backup and partitioning program for XML files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Runtime Software

Release: DriveImage XML 2.60

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DriveImage XML enables users to easily and simply work with XML files. It allows the user to optimize time and perform a wide array of functions. It allows the user to create and backup drives and other partitions to various destinations such as image files. It enables the user to view all images, as well as copy and extract desired files. It also allows the user to restore images of various sizes. Images that are dealt with and modified are stored in the XML format. This allows the user to process them with other external tools if desired. Backups in this way are left intact and are not without use or value left in some destination folder.

DriveImage XML also enables the user to move images to a separate and different drive altogether. It enables the user not only to browse files and extract them but also allows the user to move these files to proper destinations. It is free as many of its alternatives are not, and comes with several benefits. It is easy to use, is very reliable as a software program, and allows the user to backup files to various destinations, including logical drives and partitions.

I would highly recommend DriveImage XML to any and all users working with XML files, as it offers a wide array of tasks without mixing up separate elements. It also utilizes Microsoft’s VSS program application to ensure that image creation is a process that is done safely and securely. It is compatible with third-party tools when the process is finished, ensuring that the user has nothing to worry about in terms of the file being exported to different sources. This program comes as a reliable program and allows the user to work with CD-ROMs, among other disk images, in order to create whole and useful backups for storage and use.

Allows users to safely and securely backup to different destinations and efficiently work with XML files

  • XML file program
  • Allows backup to different drives
  • Destinations such as partitions and local drives
  • Compatible with external applications
  • Simple and easy to use
I'm a big fan of DriveImage XML for Windows because it makes it really easy for me to not just image partitions and drives but also back them up. This program makes imaging a cinch, and I can then use it to view the images in an organized manner and extract the files that I need. I like that the image outputs are in XML which means I can use any third party tool to process them.
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