Driver Updater Pro

by iXi Tools

Driver Updater Pro keeps your system always up to date, guaranteeing the best performance and reliability to your Windows XP or Vista PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iXi Tools

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: The development of the program is discontinued and its operation is not guaranteed. The latest version is available on our website.

Driver Updater Pro is a program that automatically optimizes your system. It does this by searching, downloading and installing the latest drivers and software for installed hardware and peripherals. The process of "manual" search for updates is extremely tedious, so users often resort to such programs.

The first thing Driver Updater Pro will do is to analyze your system for missing and outdated drivers. In addition, incorrectly installed software is detected and it is proposed to reinstall it "from scratch". Once the analysis is complete, the program will create a tree list of components that require your attention. If you do not agree with Driver Updater Pro and do not want to update individual drivers, uncheck the boxes next to them.

Unfortunately, the demo version is limited to the analysis function, and the launch of automatic driver installation and update requires the purchase of a license. For those who don't want to spend their blood money on software, there are free alternatives. We personally recommend DriverPack Solution and Snappy Driver Installer.

For those who are ready to accept the need to purchase a license, we note the most important advantages of Driver Updater Pro. These include a proprietary driver base (for more than five million devices), a nice interface and support for relatively older versions of Windows. The disappointing thing is that there is no backup function for the existing software. Usually, developers of driver managers (especially paid ones) provide their programs with backup tools.

- comprehensive analysis of the system and identification of outdated drivers;

- Creation of a tree-like list with "iron" and "peripherals" requiring installation or software updates;

- download and install drivers automatically;

- its own base of more than five million devices;

- A powerful analytical engine that allows you to complete scans in less than a minute;

- support for old hardware and operating systems;

- a nice interface.

The first issue for this product is the large warning sign in the beginning saying that the development of the product has been discontinued and its operation is not guaranteed. This implies a fault with the product and makes me not want to read anymore because it sounds like a dated ineffective product. This is ironic because it seems like the system is made to identified things that are outdated, which it itself is outdated. Lastly, the fourth paragraph starts with "unfortunately" which is what I noticed right after the word "warning" in the beginning. This sets the tone to the reader that there is something negative about the product and can be worded much differently
Keep your system running super smoothly with this great program. It does everything for you, searches, downloads, and installs the latest and best drivers required by so many programs on your computer. Don't take a chance outdated or incorrect drivers; let this great tool analyze your system and find what it needs.
This professional driver management tool can back-up, restore, update, remove and find new drivers for your PC
Driver Updater Pro is a useful software utility that is useful for updates for system. Mainly, this application software provides updates for drivers that are installed with your system. These updates are providing hardware manufacturers. Usually, at regular time period, they release updates for drivers. These updates give better performance to hardware peripherals which are installed in the system. This app gets better customer reviews for its performance. This application software supports most of Windows Operating Systems. It gives automatic updates of drivers to the system.
Driver Updater Pro has been a positive software experience for me. It has allowed me to update my audio and video drivers without issue. A lot of automated Driver updaters out there can be unreliable and understandably a lot of the time I update my own drivers manually and go to my computer's manufacturer and sift out which driver I actually need. Thankfully, Driver Updater Pro has made the process fast, simple, and efficient.
Driver Updater Pro takes the hassle out of the user’s hands with having to manually search through numerous company sites for the latest driver updates. With a huge and wide range of drivers in their database, Driver Updater Pro puts the user at ease as it automatically updates drivers to their latest versions, keeping productivity and efficiency at its highest. Especially important is its compatibility with a majority of Windows operating systems, as older systems aren’t as supported and would require more searching through pages for the correct drivers in order for the OS to function properly.
With the fast rate at which apps are being updated these days,driver updated pro is the perfect program to install.I have no regrets installing this program it has helped me to keep up with the fast growing pace of technology, without having to manually check all the time.
Driver Updater Pro is a best software program that automatically keeps your system update and optimize your system automatically. It replaces the manual update.
Very simple on your eyes this website for updating your computer drivers. Easy to access the menu, not too overdone. Helps you fix the problems your computer may be showing. Easy to follow steps one, two, and three. If your hardware is out of date, I would recommended it.
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