Driving School

by Binary House Software

An application for managing driving school operations, schedules, and student records efficiently

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Binary House Software

Release : Driving School 2.5

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'Driving School' software is designed for use by driving school owners, managers, operators, and independent instructors. It allows for easy and efficient tracking of lessons and finance for all your instructors through a comprehensive software system. It organizes all your client information and scheduling effectively, so you can view them on a calendar and make real-time adjustments.

By simply selecting the desired item and dragging it to the required end time with your mouse, you can easily reassign tasks from one employee or team to another. This modern and super convenient program makes schedule management a true pleasure. It provides the opportunity for any specialist to create a profile to manage their personal schedule.

  • Unlimited student registration: The software can maintain an infinite number of students, keeping detailed information such as address, phone numbers, email, and more.
  • Multiple viewing options: The calendar offers various viewing modes such as a calendar with a vertical or horizontal timeline, or in table format.
  • Data export: The driving school data can be exported in several different formats, such as MS Outlook, PDF, XML, HTML, XLS, and iCal.
  • Built-in print design: The program comes with an integrated print designer that offers a variety of unique templates and options to make a clear and crisp print of a schedule.

Thanks to this powerful feature, you can organize your instructors' schedules. With the option of viewing appointments by week, day, or month, you'll never forget an appointment again. Appointments are organized by instructors, making it easy to view their weekly schedule. No more searching for when you have an available slot: you can also drag-and-drop items to the appropriate time slots, making scheduling appointments extremely easy and convenient.

The 'Driving School' software streamlines scheduling and finance tracking, improving efficiency in managing instructors and students.

This software supports most formats, including HTML. Importantly, you can access information about payments, the daily income for any day at any time when you need it. You can keep records of all the certificates. You can easily make a clear and sharp printout of a schedule using the built-in print design tool, which offers a variety of unique templates and options.

1. Must support unlimited student registration with detailed information.
2. Requires multiple calendar viewing options for efficient scheduling.
3. Supports data export in various formats, including XML, HTML, PDF.
4. Includes built-in print designer for clear scheduling printouts.

Efficient tracking of lessons and financials for instructors.
Simple and effective schedule management with drag-and-drop function.
Supports multiple data export formats including HTML, PDF, and MS Outlook.

Interface might seem cluttered and overwhelming initially.
No mobile app version available for on-the-go access.
Limited customizability for print design templates.
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