by Droplr, Inc.

A file sharing utility for any user to share files and content online

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Droplr, Inc.

Release: Droplr 4.0.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Windows program was initially created for Mac computers but worked for Windows computers as well. Droplr is utilized in order to safely and effectively share various files from your device to online platforms and other areas. It is very simple and integrated into its interface, providing a user-friendly layout that allows even beginners to begin sharing any of their files to social media platforms or other sites. It allows the sharing of a wide array of file types and file formats, including images, notes, and text files.

Droplr is very much integrated with advanced functions, including syntax highlighting, storage of files and data, keyboard support, and step-by-step instructions for various tasks that need to be performed. It also comes with 1 GB of free storage per free online account, which means that you will struggle to try to run out of space on your online cloud. It also offers keyboard support, which allows users who do not like the aspect of utilizing the mouse or keyboard/drag and drop function to utilize shortcuts from the keyboard to effectively activate certain functions. It is completely free and also allows users to perform a wide variety of tasks such as taking screenshots, sharing images, embedding images, and allowing users to interact with the interface easily.

Droplr is also specifically integrated with Twitter, so for Twitter users, that means that you can seamlessly share your pictures and other content to the platform without delays or any hassle. I would highly recommend users from all backgrounds and skill levels to try out this program, as it offers full integration within its very appealing interface and offers a wide array of functions and features to make sharing that much easier.

Offers 1 GB of free online storage, keyboard support, compatibility with several formats and platforms, syntax highlighting

  • Sharing utility for files
  • Compatible with various formats
  • Twitter integration
  • Keyboard support for shortcut functions
  • 1 GB of free storage space
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