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It is used for creating professional websites with one or many number of content by different authors

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PmWiki is used to store regular content. Each page will be stored on a web server. A wiki administrator can edit the files directly and can store the files in ASCII or UNICODE format. According to the author, PmWiki helps to access the standard files faster than it was accessed in the helps to store the page in various formats and helps to upload the files and it database easily and also delete the files easily for the can reduce the files and save time. The system requirements are any browser that supports PHP file type restrictions on the web browser. each wiki can have its own configuration options, plugin, access control, the language of the content, and the interface. By default PmWiki helps to upload the files easily on its server, PmWiki allows exactly one peripheral level. It is possible to have a flat structure on its web server. Special wiki groups are will,site,sie admin and categories help to contain the usually helps the users to allow the files to access easily while using this software on windows more than the files that are accessed by the websites. Store the files and remove the files are easily managed by the website administrator. Various languages can be uploaded in the PmWiki database those files are easily uploaded and readable for the users.there are many newly users registered on PmWiki to access the files easily and create professional websites more easily.


  • Password protection can be applied to reading, editing, uploading, and changing passwords to the restricted zone.
  • There are also user-based authorization possibilities and authentication via various external sources.
  • It can be used by universities and research teams.
  • It is highly customizable and can support other markup languages.
  • It allows easier management of uploading the files.

must support for PHP format

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Jay R*****u

PmWiki is a free and open source wiki software package, written in the PHP programming language, designed to allow an individual or a community of users to collaboratively create and maintain a website, using a web browser.
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Cole G********o

PmWiki is a powerful and easy to use wiki software. It provides a wide range of features and is highly customizable. I have used it for various projects and found it to be robust and reliable. The documentation is extensive and helpful. It is also easy to install and maintain. I have found the interface to be intuitive and user friendly. The software also works well with other applications. It provides a great platform for collaboration and sharing. Overall, I find PmWiki to be an excellent tool for creating and managing wiki content.
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Arran U*********a

PmWiki is a great tool for creating and managing websites. It's very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The software is also highly customizable with a wide array of modules and skins. Additionally, the documentation available is comprehensive and easy to use. The software can be used for both large and small projects.
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Hamish M.

PmWiki is a great softwre for project management, it's really user friendly and I love the way it's organized - it makes tracking progress really easy and convenient!
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Ben Mego

PmWiki softwear is an easy-to-use and powerful wiki platform for collaboratively creating and maintaining websites.
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Rory C.

It provides an easy way to create and maintain web pages collaboratively.
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Samuel U.

PmWiki is a free and open-source wiki software that allows users to create and edit web pages collaboratively. It features a simple and intuitive markup language, easy customization through skins and extensions, password-protected pages, and support for multiple languages. PmWiki is also lightweight and easy to install on most web servers, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized websites and intranets.
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Riley Labarca

PmWiki is a versatile and customizable wiki software with a simple markup language and extensive documentation.
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