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A DVD encrypter software

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DVD43 is a DVD encrypter software program that works with DVD copying software for movie fans to make copies of DVD movies they own on their 64 bit Windows operating systems.  The benefit to them is to have a backup copy and also have it digitally so they can take it on the go with them.    These files are not meant to be shared with friends, but only for one's personal use and not to be sold or traded.


  • Files can be watched on laptops, Tablets, and cellphones.  This makes it incredibly transportable with no fear of ruining a DVD.
  • It is an efficient platform and consumes less memory than competitor types software programs such as WinXDVD and DVD Fab.  
  • It is a free program available for download at their site
  • The setup guide is easy to follow and will provide step by step instructions for installation

Due to the price, anyone with a legitimate reason to back up their DVD collection digitally should consider using this software.  No mention of Advertisements or Adware is mentioned.  Let's face it, more and more computers are going without DVD drives, so this is a good way to backup your DVD movie collection to the digital realm.  Most of these type of programs are resource hogs, so it is good that this one saves on some of those resources.  The only negative to this software it is not all-inclusive, meaning you still need another program to copy DVD to digital.  On the other side, the copying software will not function without some sort of encryption type software.  That software basically is the key to unlocking the DVD disc and allowing the copying program to turn it into a digital file such as .mp4.  The video output of a DVD is good for someone using it for a tablet or phone but will be disappointed viewing if they have a 4k television as the resolution is much less.

The software takes up less memory than their more well known competitors
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Mary ODonnell
I am really impressed with the potential of this product. It is a very affordable way to back up your DVD collection using Windows. One of the nice features is that it is very portable so that you can take it with you when you are on the go and won't take the chance of ruining your original DVD copy. You can watch this backup copy on your laptop, tablet or cellphone. Another advantage is that it uses less memory than many of the competitors.
Andy Jiang
I feel like this DVD software is soon to be irrelevant as more and more people turn away from DVDs and move to streaming services on the Internet like Netflix or Hulu. While this product could be useful for people with large DVD collections, this software does not allow for video up-scaling to 1080p or even HD, limiting it's usefulness for most people in our modern age.
This product will allow you to make copies of the dvds that you already own, so that you can take the digital copies with you for personal use. For example, you can make a copy of the movie and then put it on your computer so that you can just take your computer with you and watch any of your dvds so that you can travel without having to take a book or bunch of dvds with you.
Dvd43 for Windows is a program that is a DVD encrypter software that works with DVD copying services for people who want to save backups of their owned DVD'S this is a great thing to do because if you ever lose the hard copy version of your DVD then you will always have a backup saved on your computer that you'll be able to burn to another disc or simply watch on the computer
This software is a way for people to digitally back up their personal DVD library on their computer. This software is intended for personal use, and also for friends and families in the individual owning the DVDs. The software does not use a lot of storage capabilities on computer. This program is free, however it is intended for use with other programs to complete the backup of DVD to digital storage.
Blake Hampton
DVD43 is a free software/plug-in for Microsoft Windows OS used to decrypt the original DVDs. DVD43 stands for "DVD for free". It works with almost all Windows version. It allows you to make a ripped copy of any original DVDs
DVD43 is a very good software to use. it is very simple to install. there is no other difficulties placed. it is very clear and viewable. DVD43 software works for 64 bit system and no other technical issues were taken place. i used for many years and it works very well to me.everyone can access this software for their needs. good thought process.i like it.
I really enjoyed using DVD43, the software was excellent. I personally use the 64-bit version and I have personally never encountered any problems with it. Great for watching older movies and I have yet to find a DVD software that can match it. The only complaint I've had is glitching in older versions but v4-6 has been a god send. Overall I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to all of my friends I will use DVD43 for years to come.
This a great free software that enables you to unblock encrypted DVDs. It has a great user interface that is easy to use for movie lovers and doesn't take up too much storage on your computer. It is free and easy to use and it is supported by the majority of operating systems which is a huge plus. It's a great piece of software if you want to back up and copy-protected DVDs for your enjoyment
Great software to use!!! I recommend it for anyone. It enables you to back up all of the copy protected DVD's and the best part that it is free! It runs in the background smoothly. You just need to check which version works better with your system because the new version has some troubles running on specific systems.
DVD43 is planned to address desires of those who are not commonplace with the more specialized angles of the unscrambling prepare. A setup wizard will rapidly direct you through the establishment prepare. The DVD43 Plug-in isn't an application, it's a DLL that's introduced in your Windows framework organizer. It gives an interface that duplicate programs can utilize to unscramble DVDs using Microsoft Windows. DVD43 could be a free DVD decrypter that runs within the foundation and unscrambles DVDs on-the-fly so your duplicate program can examine it. DVD43 Plug-in gives an interface that DVD duplicate programs can utilize to unscramble DVDs. Bolstered Working Frameworks: Windows 7 (32 bit), Vista (32 bit), Windows XP, and Windows 2000. The application shows up on the assignment bar and acts as a auxiliary utility. It must be utilized in conjunction with a media player as DVD43 does not duplicate media, it basically expels the assurance. The program as it were works with Windows XP.
If you love movies, then I suggest you get DVD43 for Windows. With this plug-in, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to let it run, it operates in the background! DVD43 allows you to make copies of your movies on Windows, so you’re not limited to only watching on a DVD player. You don’t have to sit at home to watch your favorite movie anymore, just run it through DVD43 on Windows and you can watch it from your computer anywhere!
DVD43 is one of the most popular application software which is used to decrypt some encrypted DVD files in disks. This software is used to rectify issues in unfortunate encrypted files in DVDs. It helps to open these files in most cases. This application software is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit processors. It is available in add-ons also. It is compatible for most of the Windows Operating Systems.
I'm a big fan of using DVD43 for Windows because it's the perfect workaround and solution to protections on your original DVDs that might hamper your attempts to extract information out of them. This program strips existing protections from not only DVDs, but also CDs, which means you won't be thwarted by copyright protections. Once you've installed it, you can listen to and watch your media with seamless comfort.
I love using DVD43 for Windows because it offers an interface that I can use to then efficiently and quickly decrypt DVDs. It's really easy to use since all you need to do is download the program for setup and then turn on your DVD copy program of choice. Once that's running, DVD43 for Windows will kick in automatically for added convenience.
I have tried other types of dvd installers, but this program is one of the best one I have used for Windows. It is completely free, and very easy to download, which I absolutely love. Other programs do not quite compare to this one. I also love that it runs in the background, so you can continue to search the web and go about your normal day!
I love using DVD43 for Windows because it's a program that I can use to decrypt my DVD files that have been secured in some way. It is the best workaround that I know of to those pesky copyright restrictions that are on most DVDs, as well as on many CDs. Moreover, its magic doesn't affect the quality of the original file at all.
DVD 43 for Windows is a free lightweight tool that is used to remove copyright protection from DVDs and CDs. Once downloaded it sits right in your taskbar and is ready anytime you need it. DVD 43 for Windows works by decrypting the protected data on DVDs and CDs and also removes DVD region restrictions. This tool is for use with Windows Media Player and is only compatible with Windows XP.
Max W.
DVD43 is a free DVD decrypter that allows users to decrypt and copy DVDs to their computer. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It allows users to quickly and easily decrypt DVDs, and can work with both DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs. It is easy to use and requires no additional software to run.
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