Easy CD-DA Extractor

by Poikosoft

A tool for your music consolidation, bridging your analog and digital collections

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Poikosoft

Release: Easy CD-DA Extractor

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Last revision: Last week

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Easy CD-DA is an easy and powerful tool to convert all your CD collections into your digital library. It's intuitive while maintaining a relatively small installation size.


  • Automatically rip the whole CD into your digital library
  • Support of multiple different digital formats, both Loss and lossless.
  • Powerful codecs to maintain best sound quality
  • Auto ID3 Tag extraction, no need to manually reorganize your library
  • Auto metadata matching from online providers
  • Volume adjustment

When it comes to converting your old CDs into your digital library, there is much software out there. Easy CD-DA Extractor is easily one of the most powerful and intuitive software out there. In this digital age when an average person owns thousands of songs, it's really hard to keep track of them and organize them. It becomes worse when your collection consists of songs from both analog and digital age. Using Easy CD-DA Extractor, you will be able to easily reorganize everything based on the extracted ID 3 tags from your converted files. Moreover, Easy CD-DA Extractor will automatically use the information to look for the corresponding cover art for your album, there is no need to manually add it.

Powerful and intuitive

Nowadays people own many different types of hardware. Sometimes we want high definition lossless media so that we can put them in our HD audio playback devices. Sometimes we just want a smaller size file so that we can listen to all those music on our smartphones without them occupying most of our storage. Easy CD-DA Extractor can easily help you achieve that. Easy CD-DA Extractor supports most mainstream music formats, such as CD-DA, AAC, MP3, FLAC, APE, and even the lastest and more powerful DTS. It takes advantage of some of the best codecs so that you always get the best sound quality possible. When doing the conversion, you can adjust the bitrate, sampling rate and even normalize the volume for the final files.

With all the features, Easy CD-DA Extractor comes in a really lightweight package, around ~30mb. It should definitely be your first chose when it comes to CD Ripping.

Michelle England
This product is used to extract movies and music from CD's. It can take the entire cd at once supports multiple formats and volume adjustments. It has a great 4 and a half star rating and is updated often to make sure you always have the latests bug fixes.
Aidan Arsenault
Easy CD-DA Extractor is a four-in-one software that includes Audio CD Ripper, Audio File Format Converter, Audio CD Creator and MP3/WMA CD Creator. It also features state-of-the-art audio encoding technology - Easy CD-DA Extractor includes the most advanced audio codec, aacPlus from the Coding Technologies.
EASY CD-DA Extractor is an audio file converter which easily converts audio files from one format to another format such as MP1,MP2,MP3,MP4 etc and also used for music conversions CD/DVD burning software,Meta data Editor. EASY CD-DA Extractor is a Perfect freeware converter.
Still struggling to listen to your old CDs? Don't know what to do with your CD collections? Easy CD-DA Extractor for Windows is a great tool to help you get organized. Easy CD-DA Extractor can extract data from Audio CD. It supports many different audio file formats; almost covering everything you can imagine. Easy CD-DA Extractor is my life saver; it's a great tool to transfer all my favorite CDs to my computer. I can now listen to everything at ease on my computer because of Easy CD-DA Extractor for Windows.
I really enjoyed using this software. It extracts data from CDs and then you are able to store it on your windows PC. The software not only works very well but it's pretty fast too. You can easily store all of the data from your CDs onto your windows PC in hours vs the other software which would take days! I Highly recommend it.
The name of this extractor is completely accurate -- this is the easiest data extractor I've found on the market. There is nothing more important to me than satisfactory convenience and this product is exactly that. The fact that it supports so many audio files just blows my mind! I never have to worry about downloading and converting one file to another ever again! I couldn't believe that there is such a quick and easy to use CD extractor out there. I can't wait to extract data from all my CDs because I know it'll only take so much time. Its processing procedure is equally as powerful!
CD extractors are good but is irrelevant during this day in age. Almost most laptops and some pre-made desktops don't come with a CD drive. USB drive are more efficient and cloud software are more reliable. CDs can be damaged easily. There really isn't much you can benefit with this other than extract data off of CDs.
Easy CD-DA Extractor for windows is software is simple to use. It is one of the useful application. We can convert and record the music using this app .It is free to use software program .It is easy and free to download the software. It is a trail version for windows. It also has more audio format with high quality audio. It is also named all in one audio application program for windows.
Easy CD-Da Extractor for Windows is a computer application which simplifies the process of extracting the audio from CDs for your own personal use. The application has three main sections: one for ripping the audio from the CDs, one for converting the audio files into the desired format and one for inputting the audio file into your CD of choice. It has a very user-friendly interface, making it the ideal app for the manipulation of files.
I am a freelance music composer, I have tried Easy CD-DA extractor on my windows computer, this has been the most user friendly CD-DA Extractor. My favorite feature is Audio CD creator it burns the music on to the CD in all possible music file type like WAV, mp3, mp4 etc., and its also converts music from one file to other in very simple steps. You just have to drag and drop select the file type and its done within seconds. Great and user friendly software to work without any hassle.
It is very helpful to convert audio CDs to MP3 or WAV with the world's fastest perfect digital technology it CD's to digital very easily extract audios from CDs.
the easy cd - da extractor for windows is verry use full to all, and very good for learning and very kin of keys use , thank you for giving this one
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