by DeskSoft

Dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver, which displays beautiful views of the earth

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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EarthView is a dynamic screen saver on your desktop in the form of a globe that rotates all the time. Beautiful and simple! Unique wallpaper that will revitalize your workplace. The globe is constantly rotating and has a number of useful functions. For example, it shows where it's daytime and where it's nighttime. At any moment you can find out what time it is in San Francisco, say. The annex contains information on more than 100,000 cities around the globe! It's very useful and interesting. You can find the city you live in, read its history, view photos and find the most popular places. It is possible to find even information about hotels and restaurants in this city. Therefore, with this utility it is easy and simple to plan your travels and trips to other cities.

It's worth noting that the EarthView should please everyone. First of all, because of its beautiful functions. The program can show city lights, snow cover, mountains and atmospheric effects. And secondly, because of the very flexible settings, which everyone chooses for themselves. You can customize the globe so that it only showed the terrain you chose. Or just the regions where it's sunny. You won't get confused in control and setting, because even a small child can understand the application. The quality of the image and photos in this utility is of the highest quality, the colors are very rich, and the whole area is clearly detailed! You've never seen anything like this before. You can see and admire the clock.

- atmospheric effects;

- multifunctionality;

- Dynamic wallpaper on your desktop;

- very flexible settings;

- will be of interest to absolutely everyone;

- is convenient to use;

- it's easy to plan your travels;

- information on more than 100,000 cities;

- high quality images;

- detailed terrain;

- very rich colors;

- shows day and night;

- can work in two modes;

- supports all versions of Windows starting with XP;

- you've got the whole earth on your desk.

EarthView 5.5.16 (18.33 MB)
EarthView 5.5.24 (18.34 MB)
EarthView 5.5.28 (18.34 MB)
EarthView 5.5.30 (18.35 MB)
EarthView 5.5.35 (18.35 MB)
EarthView 5.11.1 (18.4 MB)
EarthView 5.14.5 (18.43 MB)
EarthView 5.16.2 (18.43 MB)
EarthView 5.17.0 (18.44 MB)
EarthView 5.17.3 (18.44 MB)
Sounds like the screen saver version of Google Maps. It would be nice to look at in the background. Everyday could show you a new part of the world you haven't seen yet. I also like the daytime and nighttime feature. Best of all, one of their features include the presentation of history!
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