by Bee Interactive s.r.o.

An online tool for optimizing container and truck loading through interactive 3D visualization.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bee Interactive s.r.o.

Release : EasyCargo 4.18

Antivirus check: passed

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EasyCargo is a software designed for loading containers and trucks, also referred to as a container loading calculator. It provides a user-friendly interface, enhanced with brief video tutorials to accelerate the learning process. A standout feature of this software is its interactive 3D visualization that replicates the actual look of your loading plan. It even provides a 'see-through' option for you to explore the interior of your loading scheme.

The software offers increased flexibility by allowing you to manually adjust the loading plan. This feature helps you modify the position and rotation of every item in your cargo. Whether you need to load over 10,000 items of 250 different types, EasyCargo is there to assist you.

  • With EasyCargo, cargo items can be marked as non-stackable and non-tiltable.
  • The software supports up to 50 priority groups and the order based on offloading destinations.
  • It provides the ability to print descriptions directly onto cargo items which are then displayed in a loading plan report.
  • EasyCargo also allows for the creation of multiple cargo space reports.
  • It offers a choice of units in inches and pounds (Imperial/US) or centimeters and kilograms (Metric).

Furthermore, EasyCargo enables you to create non-stackable groups for items that should only be stacked with identical items. You can also divide loaded groups with virtual walls for a more stringent load division. Whether you prefer to input the total weight or weight per item, the software offers incredible flexibility.

EasyCargo optimizes the container loading process through its interactive 3D visualization and adjustable loading plans.

Loading plans can be saved on the server and shared with other team members, clients, or suppliers. The software also supports weight distribution calculation for 2 or 3 axle trailers and semi-trailer trucks. In addition, data can be imported from an MS Excel file.

The software is available online without any further installation. EasyCargo is offered as a service with annual or monthly subscriptions, and even on a daily basis. For instance, you can purchase a 10-day package and select a day to plan your loads starting from 6.9 EUR (7.9 USD).

1. Capable of 3D visualization and interaction
2. Ability to manually adjust load positioning and rotation
3. Supports priority grouping and order based on offloading
4. Enables creation of non-stackable groups and the division of loaded groups

Allows for adjustable loading plans with interactive 3D visualization.
Supports weight distribution calculation for various vehicle types.
No installation needed, available online with flexible subscriptions.

Limited customer support options.
Requires stable internet connection to function.
No free version available.
EasyCargo 4.10 (5.41 MB)
EasyCargo 4.11 (5.41 MB)
EasyCargo 4.15 (5.41 MB)
EasyCargo 4.18 (5.41 MB)
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