Everest Home Edition

by Lavalys Consulting Group

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lavalys Consulting Group

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42603

Everest Home Edition is a system tool designed to provide users with all the detailed information about each component inside the computer - whether it is a motherboard or video adapter, or any other component. At first, the main window of the program may seem too difficult for you to understand. This window displays all the detailed information that the program has collected about your PC. In case of any difficulties, you can always refer to the built-in help for comprehensive explanations.

At startup, the program inspects your computer and collects all available information about its components. Displays information about your computer in general, your motherboard, your video adapter, your media and storage devices (your computer's hard drives and all removable drives), network connections, or any other components that may be installed. In addition, the program boasts three built-in utilities for reference testing, allowing you to conduct memory tests (read, write and delay). All tests are performed within seconds.

The program is very stable and leaves a very pleasant impression on you. The abundance and completeness of the obtained information is striking - the program shows such detailed information about which you did not even guess. Particularly large is the amount of information about your computer's motherboard, video adapter, and storage devices. In addition to information about hardware components. The program can show information about the operating system and installed programs. If the program detects any problems in the system, the user will be offered ways to solve them. In addition, there is a function of creating a detailed report containing information about the computer, which reflects the status of all components. It is also possible to create reports on the results of benchmarking. Reports can be saved both in plain text format and in HTML format.

With this in mind, Everest Home Edition is one of the most useful applications for your computer. Combining a user-friendly interface with all its advanced features with a free license for home use, the program is the number one choice among Windows system information programs.

Max (unverified)
Everest is a great product that let's you know what is going on inside of your computer. It monitors and reports on items that you can't see like your motherboard, video adapter, media and storage devices. It Is easy to use and can read the data in seconds. Best of all, its free!
Harry (unverified)
Everest is a great choice if you're looking for a detailed breakdown of the inner workings of your computer. Like a medical checkup, Everest really breaks down and quantifies all of the computer's "vital signs" in a clear and efficient manner. Navigating the program is a breeze. The best part is that I didn't have to spend a cent on it!
Lucas (unverified)
The Everest download is a very thorough system monitor application for your computer. It will allow to see various metrics and hardware that your computer contains. It is basically a huge collector of the current state of your PC and makes the user aware of what they all have on their machine. It is a complete, in-depth solution for you to find out what your machine contains.
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