Exe Icon Changer

by SoftBoy

Software which enables the change of an icon for different executable types

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SoftBoy

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Exe Icon Changer is a program for replacing executable file icons. This application supports any EXE (including packaged), DLL, OCX, SCR, etc. executable files, and the new file icon will be displayed not only on the computer with Exe Icon Changer installed, but also on any other computer. In addition to file icons, the program allows you to change the icons of folders and discs. The application can extract icons from EXE files, save them in BMP and ICO formats, create icon backups and automatically adjust their sizes to the required ones. Support for WMF and JPG formats is available.

- Replace icons in DLL, EXE, SCR, OCX, etc;

- Replacing disk and folder icons;

- extract icons from executable files;

- support for ICO, BMP, WMF and JPG formats.

This software product has been a complete lifesaver. My business has been forever changed by how useful it is. I cannot reccomend it enough. Now I can organize my folders in a much more efficient manner and I can easily distinct what project is which without difficulty.
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