by Filezilla Project

A client used to transfer files between computers using the network

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Filezilla Project

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Webmasters need powerful tools to manage websites, which should always be at hand. One of these tools is the FTP client. FileZilla is a small and freely distributed FTP client that allows you to access any FTP/SFTP server from any computer. So if you are the lucky owner of a website on the Internet, but still do not have all the necessary tools to manage it, then FileZilla is exactly what you were looking for! The program was developed with a view to its use by both beginners and advanced users.

With this program, you can save user names, passwords, connection types and other information you need to connect to the server - thanks to Site Manager. Since the program does not require installation in the system, you can use it as a portable one - i.e. just write the executable file to an external medium and then run it from any computer. All your settings and saved connections will always be with you.

The user-friendly yet simple user interface is based on the look and feel of Windows Explorer, which is familiar to every user, so that the process of navigating through the file system should not be a problem. You can upload and download a large number of files to several servers at the same time and change the access rights to the files on the server (CHMOD function). Also the program supports work through firewalls and proxy-servers, can cache directories for increase of speed of viewing of contents of folders on a remote server, has function of fast connection to servers, allows to change speed of data transmission between the computer and a remote server, and many other things. In addition, the program interface is translated into several languages.

Since the program has a lot of different functions, using some of them can lead you to a dead end. Don't despair - just open the help file supplied with the program, it contains all the help sections as clearly as possible. The program's need for system resources, especially RAM, is very low, making this client a very reliable solution for daily use. In conclusion, we can safely say that at the moment FileZilla is one of the best, fastest, lightest, most reliable and free FTP clients.

- a simple and easy to learn product;

- support for file transfer via FTP, FTPS and SFTP

- there are versions of the program for all popular operating systems;

- multilingual interface;

- IPv6 protocol support;

- a function that allows you to resume downloading after disconnecting the connection;

- Ability to transfer large files (more than 4 GB in size);

- support for bookmarks and file transfer queues;

- support for drag and drop technology;

- setting the maximum download speed;

- the ability to work even through a proxy server.

Wow, this software sounds like it does a lot. I thought I had a grasp on it, and then it keeps adding things it can do. Definitely recommend if you have a website and need a lot of different services. It also sounds super simple, great for a do t yourself kind of person!
FileZilla for window is very latest stable version this method users to transfer files over the internet this software product is very useful and good one
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