Focus Magic

by Acclaim Software Ltd.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Acclaim Software Ltd.

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42163

If you have a photo with unsuccessful focus, you can try to correct the focus with the Focus Magic software. Despite the name, however, it must be said that there is no magic in this program and its capabilities are limited.

The program is delivered in the form of a separate application and a plugin to many popular graphic editors. As you might expect, the program does nothing but sharpen the selected area (or the whole photo). In general, many graphic editors (including free ones) can do this.

Performing the necessary operations is very easy. In the Filter drop-down list, select the action you want to perform. Then press the traffic light button. Blur Width can increase or decrease the focus, but since it is not possible to restore the lost quality of the photo, the Focus Magic cannot cope with heavily blurred or unfocused areas of the photo. As an addition to not the richest functionality of the program, the developers have added the function of converting images to black and white.

Harris (unverified)
Focus Magic is available as a separate application or a plug-in for popular photo editing apps. It allows users to lessen sharpen blurry areas of photos. It's easy to use, utilizing drop-down menus and buttons, but its capabilities are limited. In addition to sharpening focus on photos, it also converts color to black and white.
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