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Font editor provided for windows servers

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FontForge is a program for creating, editing and converting fonts that supports TrueType, OpenType, PostScript, CFF, SVG, CID and BDF formats. To import ready-made fonts, the program offers a convenient file browser, which allows you to open several files simultaneously and select separate tabs for them in the local editor.

After importing the file, FontForge will display a convenient panel with examples of lowercase and capital letters. By clicking on any letter, you can change it at will with or without symmetry. In general, the program is perfect for creating new fonts based on existing ones. In the editor you will find a lot of tools for drawing, transforming, rounding, adding notches, as well as copying individual elements or parameters of the letter (height, width, etc.). Convenient curve management, distance measurement and scaling tools are also available. Layers are supported (front, back).

Generally speaking, you will not be able to create a certain symbol from scratch in FontForge. Starting to work on a new project in any case you will have to resort to the function "generate". It's creating some kind of blank space for you to mold a letter later on. Once you've finished working on all the letters of the alphabet, you'll be able to save the finished font by giving it a name, specifying the "family", version and range of Unicode.

Other useful features of FontForge include support for automatic saving of changes when working with letters, extraction of fonts from PDF documents and the ability to create presets for Mac fonts.

- ability to edit, convert and create new fonts;

- support for OpenType, TrueType and PostScript;

- built-in scripting language;

- Multifunctional built-in editor with convenient tools for drawing, transformation, rounding, curves and distance measurement;

- the possibility of copying the parameters of the letter;

- the presence of an automatic save function;

- Availability of font import function from PDF documents;

- the ability to select a name, family and encoding range while saving your own fonts.

FontForge is truly a one of a kind software product. You will not regret downloading it. It allows you to do a variety of things such as creating, editing, and even converting fonts! Without this software, I do not know what I would do.
As a person who maintains a website, I am very interested in this product. I think it is phenomenal to be able to modify and create a unique font for publications. It would give websites and other publications a unique look and feel, versus the standard fonts that are available right now. Very cool.
FontForge for Windows is a great piece of software that I use everyday. It converts different types of fonts into other available styles. It is useful for converting foreign scripts into readable files on my computer. It is also updated very often.
FontForge for Windows is a software that allows the users to make their own Font. This software is quite easy to use, to start to create your own font you can do it for each letter, just select the one of the letter in the main screen and than give a click in the section import in the file section, select image as a background, and look for the image that you want to work with like your font background, once finished you can export and generate fonts and protect them in the font information section ,giving to your new font a PS Name.
Fontforge on windows is a free and open source outline font editor. Fontforge is a libre software which lets you download, share and install without any restrictions. Fontforge is a community maintained application so anyone can use this application. Frontforge is a free font editor. You can use this application on windows, mac and Gnu and linux. Fontforge is built and modified font types for systems and custom programs.
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Gives the ability to create, edit and convert fonts on Windows