Free RAR Extract Frog

by Philipp Winterberg

Extract RAR files. Fast, simple and free.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Philipp Winterberg

Release: Free RAR Extract Frog 7.00

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The RAR Extract Frog is a great tool to add to your windows tools because it is a very light small app that does not take up much data but it will do its job. The RAR tool helps me open up RAR files quick and easy. All I have to do is to drag and drop the RAR files that I need to open quickly and the RAR frog tool does it for me. The hardest part of the tool is downloading it since it can be found on multiple websites that have ads. However, the product is free to use and you can download it for free in any of the sites. The app is easy to use once you've downloaded it. The icon sits in your window and does not have any pop-ups or ad clicks to your computer. This makes it an easy app that does its job and does not bother you with constant updates. I like the drag and drop ability on the application because it makes getting the RAR file from my computer files or from an internet browser easier since I have to drag and drop from my browser to the RAR installer which makes it much faster. Also, the RAR installer automatically will place the file to a designated file into my computer which makes keeping all my files neater and saves time. 


  • Drag and drop tool helps get files out quick and easy, no 
  • It is free so you can install and uninstall with no cost or loss. 
  • Automatic file location helps you keep track of all your files. 
  • Program instructions are translated in 50 languages so the file is accessible to many people.

The RAR frog installer application is a great app for installing RAR files quickly and easily for no cost at all. I would highly recommend this product.

It is easy to use and will be able to do its job.
It's an easy to use program and It does what I need it to! It isn't a faff to set up, and cause I download Rar’s a lot for modding games it means I can get onto the gaming faster.
Free RAR Extract Frog the program enables you to extract RAR archive files. It has capabilities that many other zip programs and RAR programs do not possess. It extracts all RAR objects, including spanned, password-protected, and various other RAR objects. It is also free, making it specialized and freely available to those looking for a new and upgraded RAR tool.
Max Riddle
Before using Free RAR Extract Frog i would use winrar, but Winrar was really annoying since it crashed pretty often and annoyed me by asking to pay every time i opened it. Free RAR Extract Frog on the other hand has been very stable and hasn't bothered me with anything, and also added many new features such as extraction of spanned archived.
Free RAR Extract Frog is a tool that will help you pull out and extract any RAR archive files that are on your system. It's handy to have because a number of ZIP tools can't support the RAR format. Moreover, in the cases when they can handle the format, they can be slow and clunky. Thus, Free RAR Extract Frog is a great program for extraction.
If your current ZIP tools can't handle your format, update to the free RAR Extract Frog for Windows. Simple and convenient and easy to use.
The Free RAR Extract Frog for Windows is a program that is a little new to me. I am still learning a lot about this program. I discovered this program after I did a google search to help locate a software program that will assist me in unzipping files.I like the fact that this software is offered for free. This gives me the opportunity to try the software out for myself, and familiarize myself with all that is offered. I look forward to using this software in the future as well.
The Free RAR Extract Frog application for Windows is a software tool that extracts RAR archives files that are not common. Some ZIP tools may not handle RAR files, even if they do, they often are not easier and quicker to use compared to the Free RAR Extract Frog tool. Therefore, this software tool is recommended as files can be added by browsing, drag-and-drop, right clicks, and selecting the Extract icon from the context menu.
I've been looking for some software that I can use to extract my RAR files. I found this Free RAR Extra Frog for Windows. It extracts RAR archive files in a fast and easy way. It has all the basic features. It also offers extras like passwords and skins for those of us who want to be more creative. It's totally free. I thought I'd give it a try. I have no regrets. It's been working great so far.
It is a program for windows, which is free. The picture shows a frog. The program is free, just download it. The rar-type format has become very popular. The program has over fifty dialects and languages. It is very easy to work with the program. The program is licensed. I consider it a help program. It easy to handle. Rarely files you can put the password. I recommend free rar extract frog.
The free RAR extract Frog is a good one.and it has a great feature too. it basically used in a normal way to the zip tools. the password setting also in default and we use the simple solution to the RAR archive .and it is a good thing.The RAR extract frog product is a nice also have a great feature
The software used for archive the files folders. Its a free software. Its very useful for all persons and companies. Its helpful to reduce space and send very secure to send one one persons to others. Its used for security purpose. Lost of security concepts are there. for example, encryption and decryption. Encryption means convert the original content to other content using encryption key. The same way to archive or extract the files using some security keys. Its useful for personal and organization.
This RAR Extract Frog is a brand new extraction tool that will supports spanned archives along with the decompression of your password protected online files using a simple and affective three step process. Extracting is easy and can be done using a simple drag and drop / double click process. This Extract tool is likely to be a brilliant alternative for other more common and popular decompression tools on the market such as Winzip and Peazip.
I'm a big fan of RAR Extract Frog and use this tool as my go-to resource whenever I need to pull up RAR archive files to extract. A lot of tools aren't compatible with the RAR format despite the fact that they're pretty common. RAR Extract Frog supports this file and makes them a cinch to extract with just a single click after dragging and dropping.
Free RAR Extract Frog is a simple utility for compressing and uncompressing files. It's ridiculously straightforward, fast and free! There's also a fun customization option where you can change the picture in the background to anything that you want. It might not seem like a critical feature, but I like stuff that makes a relatively routine program that much more fun.
I love using Free RAR Extract Frog for Windows because it's a free way to extract the many RAR files that I have. A number of Zip tools aren't compatible with RAR files, but the RAR Extract Frog for Windows is so easy and fast to use that it doesn't matter. All you need to do is add the file that you want to extract through the drag and drop feature and you're well on your way to extraction.
I'm a big fan of Free RAR Extract Frog for Windows because it's a program that makes it really easy to extract RAR files that are standardized. Even better, I appreciate that password encryption doesn't stop the RAR Extract Frog from doing its job, since it's able to decompress encrypted files just as well as it can unprotected files. The interface is super intuitive and I love how quickly it runs.
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