by Alexander Roshal

Data compression tool for windows that works effectively

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alexander Roshal

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WinRAR is a program for creating and unpacking archives. Supports all popular formats, is built in the context menu and has wide settings of created archives. 90% of the interaction with the program functions is usually done through the context menu (right mouse button). From here you can unpack the archive and create a new one. You can extract files from the archive to the folder of the same name or to the current folder. If there are other files in the current folder, it is better to unpack into a new one, as the files are mixed. To create an archive there are also several options: archive with standard settings, or manual configuration of all parameters of the archive. The first option is fast and is suitable for most cases. Your data will just weigh less. The second option allows you to set a password for unpacking the archive, choose a higher compression ratio, choose the archive format, etc.

Opening the archive by double-clicking on it, you will see the main WinRAR interface, which contains all the same functions described above. The principle of this window is as follows: you open the desired folder or archive through the built-in explorer and perform the necessary operations with them. In fact, it is more convenient to use the usual Explorer or file manager, and through the context menu to perform the necessary actions. The program can unpack archives such as RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TAR, etc. Only the first 2 formats are available when creating. When you create an archive, you can split it up for ease of delivery, make it self-extracting (does not require an archiver to be unpacked), and use other options.

WinRAR is probably the most popular tool in the Runet for working with archives. However, it requires registration. Its advantages are simplicity and flexibility, but others, including free archivers, have the same advantages. So it makes sense to consider alternatives.

- unpacking almost all archive formats;

- Creating EXE archives that can be unpacked by themselves;

- several degrees of compression (more compression - more time to create an archive);

- easy integration with the context menu, you can create and unpack archives directly from Explorer;

- the ability to put a password on the archive.

WinRAR is one of the earliest and most used software that helps computer users pack several files into one packet and email it. You can even add a password to protect the files. The files packed can be different or the same. It supports any kind of file collections.
Winrar is a very successful and helpful application that helps sort and extract different file types into usable and readable information that can be utilized by the consumer. Winrar is able to pretty much convert any type of document that is inputted into it and can make it usable.
If you have files in all sorts of formats, WinRAR will convert it and streamline it into readable format. it is easy to use and is password protected for security.So as soon as one registers, they are ready to unpack their files.
This software will allow you to compress a large file into a small one, therefore making it easier to transfer files from one system to another. This software is compatable with a variety of operating systems - Windows, MAC and even Linux.
it's a tool that can be used to open any type of file format, which is really convenient. For example, it can handle RAR just as easily as it can handle CAB and 7-Zip. I love that it supports more than fifty different languages and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems so you don't have to worry about any compatibility issues.
it's a program that makes it really easy to compress the many files that I have. Sometimes I need to transfer my files and the only way to do that is to first compress them. WinRAR makes it a cinch to do just that in a very secure manner. Best of all, it works so efficiently that I don't lose any productivity at all.
My computer is running out of space so I needed to delete files and make room for new files. I downloaded WinRar for windows and it made cleaning up so much easier. It compresses my files and makes them smaller. It's available in 32bit and 64 bit. I use the 64bit because my computer is newer. It's free to download. I can compress my files and email them now.
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