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FreeRip is an MP3 converter, which converts files on CDs, to MP3 files. This product is great for someone who still has a lot of music on their CDs, and wants to get the music from their CD, to their computer. It was not too long ago that all music was stored on CDs, there is probably still a binder of albums in your car right now. Migrating these songs to your computer creates a timeless archive of the greatest hits. A huge advantage of uploading your music to your computer is that you will never again have to worry about scratched CDs, Losing CDs, or eventually losing the system to play them on. Don’t be intimidated by technology either! Once you pop the CD into your computer, a screen will pop up with the files, simply drag and drop the file to the FreeRIP, and start your new music collection.  

FreeRIP reads the audio files from the CD, and lets you store them on your desktop in a multitude of different formats:

Once you get your music from the CD, onto your computer, you can then migrate the music from your computer to your iPhone, iPod, or other MP3 players. FreeRIP MP# also includes high-quality file type – FLAC. FLAC stores music in the highest quality possible when it comes to file types.

Easy to transfer music from CDs to MP3

  • Get rid of your CDs lying around
  • Have your music all in one place
  • Go digital
You can make more changes to audio files you can convert CD to mp3 and mp3 into WAV it can simply convert all audio files from one converter to other it is a free software
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FreeRIP is a digital music conversion tool designed to help users easily convert audio files to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, and other popular formats. The program includes support for CD ripping, ID3 tag editing, and audio playback. It also features an integrated music player and the ability to normalize audio levels.
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