Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker

by GiliSoft International LLC.

A diverse audio/video to MP3 burning software that supports all popular formats!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GiliSoft International LLC.

Release: Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker 1.3.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker is a revolutionary software that takes the pain out of turning your favorite computer playlists into a convenient MP3 CD! Remember when burning CDs was limited to just a few cornerstone formats? Well, Gilisoft has made an all in one software that makes burning your favorite playlists even easier! Not only does this software support all popular formats, and conveniently change them to MP3, but it can also turn your favorite music videos into a car-friendly CD, WMA, or MP3 audio file. In addition to these excellent features, Gilisoft also supports high-speed writing. So you can say goodbye to waiting hours for a single 12 track CD to burn. Is your playlist so great that you feel the need to share 10 copies with your closest friends? Well, Gilisoft has taken the pain out of making multiple copies of burned discs out! That means no more encoding each time you wish to re-burn the same CD over and over. As if everything hadn't already been thought of, they've also made it possible to convert DVD video into audio format! That means that all those live recordings you have on DVD of your favorite band no longer are limited to the living room and television set. You can now take your favorite live concerts, on the go, in the audio format... Television - free! Ever wished that those "hidden tracks" at the end of your favorite album didn't involve fast-forwarding through 10+ minutes of white noise? Well, gilisoft has also made it possible to create audio snippets or cut pieces from whole tracks. Turning what was an intense waiting game into something that's instantly achievable. So, if you're looking for an all-inclusive software that takes the pain out of traditional CD/MP3 burning away, then look no further! Gilisoft has done that, plus much more with their Windows-compatible MP3/CD maker!

Eases the difficulty of incompatible audio formats and does all the hard work for yoiu

  • Easily convert any popular format file into your choice of WAV, MP3, or CD audio file.
  • Supports fast writing technology so you can show off your playlist in no time
  • Burn multiple copies of the same disc without the trouble of re-encoding each time
  • Covert your favorite videos to an audio file 
  • Clip or shorten audio segments to take the waiting out of getting to your favorite track
It's great how many formats this software supports. I don't have to worry about what format my music is in anymore. Now I just find the songs I want, drop them in this program, and organize them. Gilisoft does the rest. Now I can have playlists for when I'm traveling, working, or cleaning the house. I have music for whatever I'm doing.
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