by Aspiro AB

A music streaming service

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aspiro AB

Release: TIDAL 1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TIDAL is not just any music streaming program, and it is a streaming program that is known for its not only modern but also stylish windows software. TIDAL is the first music streaming service with HiFi.  HiFi is the high fidelity sound quality. Music journalists have taken over with TIDAL and have made high definition music videos that are also editorially curated.

TIDAL has well over 58 million songs, and they also have over 240,000 videos.  The program's already very extensive catalog is also supplemented by its exclusive content, which also includes exclusive videos as well as exclusive songs that spotlight the world's biggest musicians, as well as athletes, entertainers, and any other up and coming artists that are looking to be discovered. TIDAL users can create their own playlist and not just one playlist, but numerous of their playlist.

TIDAL users also have access to our already made playlist as well.  The playlist that is already made on TIDAL is made by not only most of the artists themselves but also by the best of the best music editors in the business. Users can access an unlimited amount of listening with any of their electronics, from their phones, tablets, desktops, and even all other network players.

There is a 30-day free trial that is available, and after that trial is over, there are a few different options users can choose from depending on what type of services they want. The HiFi sound, along with the master audio quality of this software application, enables users to enjoy all the music that they play from this platform exactly the way that artists have always intended for their music to be heard. 

The main benefit is the music streaming abilities of this software

  • Requires Windows 10,8 or 7
  • Works with Apple or Android 
  • Highest quality audio that is available 
  • Completely Ad-Free 
  • 30 day free trial 
TIDAL is a software used for enhancing the listening ability of the downloaded audios.This software is replacement for spotify also.Users who are music addicts can download this software for better listening of audios.This software is first launched in the year of 2014.TIDAL also provides music streaming .This software is worth downloading for the music lovers for getting a better quality of sounds and it has many deals for users.Using this software in mobile can allow the sharing directly than in the systems.The streaming is provided at a speed of 1411kbps.This software is a bit expensive than spotify this is the only con about this software.This software is preferred for users expecting a standard quality of sound.
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