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GOG Galaxy is a fully optional client to install, play and update your games

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GOG.com

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GOG GALAXY is the official client of the GOG.com digital service from the famous Polish CD Project developers. In essence, it is very similar to Steam and Origin in that it is an important difference, which is not necessary to install and is completely devoid of any protection. That is, you can easily buy the game here, download its files and play freely on any computer without even connecting to the network and without going through the activation. The downloaded installation files are "suitable" for unpacking an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of devices. The developers explain this feature of the service by their own "philosophy of digital games distribution".

But if there is no protection in games with GOG, why do you need this program? Actually, she doesn't have to. As we mentioned above, GOG GALAXY is installed at the player's sole discretion and is a kind of center where you can easily manage downloadable content, communicate with other users and view your game achievements. The client will not "take" you out of the store with a game advertisement, as Steam does.

But there's honey and a spoonful of tar in this barrel. It lies in the fact that not many game publishers are willing to spread their games on such a "democratic" model. So at the moment the range of services consists of projects from the CD Project itself, some independent developer studios and a large number of old games, which are now considered to be classics of the gaming industry. In general, the acronym GOG is deciphered as "Good old Games", so that the main audience of the service "comes" here for the classics.

- is an optional desktop client of the GOG.com service;

- allows you to comfortably buy games, DLCs for them, as well as to download various artbooks, card sets and other additional "buns";

- displays the list of achievements received by the player;

- can move your save to the cloud;

- does not contain advertising.

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