by ckolivas

A tool for mining Litecoin, BITcoin, and other alternative scrypt-based crypto currency

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ckolivas

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CGMiner is one of the most famous bitcoin mining programs. Unfortunately, the utility does not have a graphic shell, and also does not support standard graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD. In fact, this application is intended only for advanced users who are going to extract cryptocurrency with the help of special devices created on the basis of ASIC and FPGA chips.

When you start CGMiner from a BAT file, a console window opens where you can observe the mining process. Client management is carried out with the help of special commands. For example, you can view information about the current pool, add a new pool and save its settings in the configuration file. To change the key parameters of the program it is necessary to carefully read the instructions in English from the author of the application.

In addition to mining bitcoins, CGMiner is also used to produce alternative cryptocurrencies. In particular, you can change the configuration file along with the settings to start producing Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETC). The main nuance in this case is connected with the fact that ASIC/FPGA-devices show far not the best result in mining alternative coins, so the author of the program advises to use it only for bitcoin mining.

Despite the fact that CGMiner is one of the most popular clients for getting bitcoins, it is obviously not suitable for ordinary users who are not familiar with all the nuances of mining. If you don't want to allow overheating of the device and want to keep the speed of Bitcoin block hashing high, you will have to master all commands, settings and keys for this utility by yourself.

- the ability to use most ASIC-based devices;

- availability of Segwit support.

CGMiner seems to be a tool for the advanced users who are already familiar with most of the properties for bit mining, but from the description I can tell there's a lot more than just setting up the bot. It's necessarily configuring and much more to those who want to experiment.
CGMiner is a tool for advanced miners of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin. If you want to get into mining for cryptos, this is a good place to start, as this software is completely free. However, be warned that advanced users will benefit the most from this software. You will need to do research to learn how to use software like this to mine Bitcoin. That being said, this is a great mining software for those with experience which I would highly suggest.
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