Gradle Build Tool

by Gradle Inc.

An automated software build system

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gradle Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Gradle is an automated build system which takes changes which are made in the code and creates a new software, through bringing in all the necessary libraries and dependencies. This also comes with a compiler to save this additional step of bringing in modules manually. This saves time for the developers and allows assurity through integrated tests to make sure the software is working correctly. The software works for mobile apps and microservices as well, being developed with everyone from small startups to big companies as a target market. 

The software is specially designed to ensure that multi-project builds, which often require many side software and modules, can still work when new features are added and will let the user know which parts are not working as they need to be, therefore saving time for testing and allowing quicker troubleshooting for the developer. The software focuses on development on the computer languages of Java, Groovy, and Scala, with more updates coming to include other programming languages.

Gradle is rated as one of the top 20 open-source projects and has over 10 million downloads per month, showing its reliability and reputation within the industry. The software works for all systems and therefore, can be downloaded on Linux, macOS, or Windows. Furthermore, the customer support and website resources allow for additional information and support for developers, which helps newer ones use this software and its features. The program is also googles chosen and preferred program for android development. One can download the program for free and also compare it to the other major competitor called Maven, right on its website, which allows for a better understanding of why this program is better than others.


  • Automated downloads of additional dependencies
  • Compiles modules and previous software
  • Supports multi-project builds
  • Supports multi artifact builds
  • Built-in tests to ensure work done will work for the assigned objectives.
This software enables quick build on dev machines. It is highly reliable in compailing and building process. Intergration process recommended highly. The cons are speed cans always be little improved. Logging process must be developed .
Gradle Build Tool for Windows is an all in one software development and delivery platform for any sized project. The streamlined development, automation, and delivery would help pushing out new software and updates faster than ever.
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