by Eclipse

Grafx2 is a versatile bitmap paint app for producing graphics for games

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eclipse

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Grafx2 is a graphic editor for creating and editing 256-color images. The program allows you to create game graphics, pictures for mobile phones and any other types of images, limited by the palette of 256 colors. Grafx2 includes a set of standard drawing tools (lines, circles, brushes, text), as well as tools for creating splines, gradient fillings, custom brushes, airbrushes, etc. One of the interesting features of the program is the "double" viewing mode - when the edited image can be viewed at once and in zoomed in and out. Grafx2 users can use RGB and HSL color palettes, edit color groups, work with transparency, anti-aliasing, textures, effects, and optimize images for 8- and 16-bit screens. Support for hotkeys, layers and the Lua scripting engine is available.

GrafX2 is a very valuable program. It allows you to edit bitmap files and use functions found in other photo editing software. It is free and offers under a GNU public license so you can update it as you like. It's use on Windows makes it the go-to freeware program for any bitmap editing needs. Enjoy it!
Grafx2 is a pretty simple piece of bitmap editing software, allowing the editing of individual pixels on a picture with a variety of effects and tools to make the bitmap look its best. This is a great piece of software for me as for my job I have to do the pixel art which this software makes it efficient and good looking pixel art with not too much effort put into it. It supports multiple platforms too such as Windows, Haiku and Linux. Lastly, to make it even better, it's free.
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