by Scott Moschella

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Scott Moschella

Last revision: Last week

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If you like to edit photos, you may be interested in one of the powerful, free, but easy to use applications for this purpose. GIMPShop has quite powerful features in a user-friendly way.

GIMPShop is an open source program and is based on the GIMP graphical editor. However, this tool is more like Photoshop, both in terms of interface and terminology and structure. The goal of this project is to create a bridge between Photoshop and GIMP - two powerful, but not very similar programs.

The editor has a lot of powerful features that will help you to correct your photos, and perhaps create new artworks from scratch. GIMPShop supports working with layers, which gives flexibility when editing images. You can adjust transparency, adjust colors or apply effects using layers. In this case, if you change your mind, you don't have to undo a lot of conversions, you just need to remove the extra layer.

It is possible to apply effects to a photo or picture. There are also samples for filling or background creation. There are various professional-looking textures to help you create spectacular compositions. Blurring, eraser, brush, pencil, magnifying glass - all this, of course, is in GIMPShop.

Robert (unverified)
Gimp shop is a product that was created by software designer Scott Moschella. Gimp Shop is similar to photoshop and was created to be a bridge to the photoshop features. Gimp Shop provides the users with the same capabilities as photoshop and more enhanced features.
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