Guitar Pro Free

by Arobas Music

Learn or improve your guitar skills with Guitar Pro Free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Arobas Music

Release: Guitar Pro Free

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9696

Guitar Pro Free is available for the Windows operating system. Guitarists can write their own tablature for original compositions, play the tabs written in the software, and more. It is available for free for personal use and uses as an educational tool. In addition, you can choose to subscribe to mySongBook for access to all of the tablature available in Guitar Pro's mySongBook database. 


  • Use effects to match your unique playstyle. Apply tapping, bends, palm mutes, and many more effects to your tablature.
  • Note value ranges from a 64th note to whole note for true-to-life effect.
  • Add repeats and returns with Guitar Pro's unique sheet music organization capabilities.
  • Edit tempo, tuning, key, and more with a simple click. You can even customize tuning string-by-string.
  • Drum tracking is available for bringing a fuller sound to your stringed instrument compositions.
  • Optional per-tab purchases and monthly subscriptions are available so you can learn to play any tabs available in the mySongBook database.
  • Used by artists of all genres from jazz to metal, and all styles from acoustic to instrumental.
  • Guitar Pro Free is not just for guitars. It can be used for bass, ukelele, and any other fretted instrument.
  • The latest version accommodates 9- and 10-string guitars for even more musical possibilities.
  • Take Guitar Pro on the go with available iOS and Android versions. Your composition is no longer limited to your studio.
  • Find free tablature, instrument giveaways, and videos of the pros in the Guitar Pro Blog--all for free.

You can tab out your own original music and hear it played back. If you are just starting out, you can learn to play using existing tablature. If you are looking for software that will help you or your students develop their own compositions and personal style, Guitar Pro Free is the ideal tool.

You can write your own tablature, making original composition easy.

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