A very simple to use yet fully functional karaoke machine right on your computer!

Operating system: Windows

Release: JustKaraoke 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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JustKaraoke is an excellent karaoke solution to use on your home computer. It creates an entirely professional karaoke experience for a much lower price than a professional service would!

JustKaraoke allows you to subscribe to their services to get a large number of songs to use. It lets you search through its database with a quick search function built right in. Alternatively, you can download and add your songs without having to pay additional fees for them! You can program a playlist so that songs will continue playing without user input for as long as the singer wants them to!

If you plan on having multiple singers in one night, JustKaraoke will allow you to play ambient music during changeovers, so the crowd remains interested! JustKaraoke will even announce the next singer for you!

JustKaraoke keeps track of every song that you've played and singer you've had so you can always know who sang which song by looking at a very simple table.

JustKaraoke supports two video outputs so you can easily have multiple screens going. It also provides a preview output so you can see what's going to be output. It lets you add video effects to any video file it's playing for some extra fun.

You can also add various audio sound effects through quick function buttons built right into the interface!

Additionally, JustKaraoke comes with its built-in key changer that controls in halftones, so it will be easy for anyone to sing along with any song in their own key!

JustKaraoke is very easy to use and lets you add fun and creative effects to video or audio!

JustKaraoke requires a Windows 7 or newer system to run on. The software is free to try, but that limits you to only 10 songs per session. You can buy the whole program and access its library for just $49.95, which is an excellent investment if you plan on hosting any number of karaoke parties!

It is a very good karaoke software on cheap price.It has good features of audio sound effects. It is very easy to use with great features. It creates a completely professional karaoke experience that's why i like this software.
Just Karaoke provides a great online platform for doing Karaoke. For music lovers, this is definitely a great program. It provides enjoyment for everyone and is an open forum for joining. I like this concept and think that it will continue to be successful. I enjoy how well it works and am interested in it.
Mason Woodbury
Im addicted to this! During a time I cant leave my house I spend hours on this. Other applications have limited songs but I havent had an issue trying to find a song i wanna sing. You can easily host your own fun as well. You also dont need to be online to use this, theres plenty of songs you can use while offline.
This software product as the name implies "justKaraoke for Windows" was specially designed for Windows devices and would work perfectly for all versions of windows. This software was produced and launched in November 2012. It has a reasonable file size that makes it easily downloadable access to all. Certainly, using this software would be a funfilled experience. Numerous keys and functions are available.
JustKaraoke for Windows is by far the best karaoke software program I have found. If you are looking for something fun and easy to use, this is definitely the program you need! It is easier to use with finding songs and all party guests seem to really like how the words pop up on the screen easier. The words and font is easier to read! Making karaoke time way fun! I totally give two thumbs up on this program!
This is a very interesting and unique software product, especially great to use during the pandemic. I feel that a lot of people enjoy karaoke because it is fun. This software allows people to improve on their singing skills. It’s great that this software has a history function to allow you to remember past songs you played. The free trial gives you time to see if you like the software. After the free trial is done, I could see many people keeping this product. It seems like it is entertaining and very user friendly.
As someone who loves to setup karaoke events and hates the generic videos online, this toolset certainly allows me to create my own playlist of tailored songs. The setup is super easy and has a lot of options like sound effects, a preview window, and a singer history. I love the fact it saves a database of previously added songs for ease of re-use. Karaoke night will never be the same again!
JustKaraoke is a simple to use Karaoke hosting program for this karaoke host with a digital library of songs. Despite is reasonable price of 49$, it is a fully featured karaoke hosting application! Includes nice features like remembering the songs that singers have sung before, key changer, ambient music control. The database is well designed and its easy to import your music. If you shut down, it can remember to save the song rotation if you so desire so that upon your next session it will be ready to go!
An incredible piece of karaoke software. And it's just so much fun! I use this all the time when i'm with my friends or hosting a party. JustKaraoke makes it so easy to link to my favorite songs and, well, sing along! (loudly, obviously). It's really inexpensive and, honestly, I think it's probably the best piece of karaoke software I've encountered. And that's saying a lot.
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