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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SpanSoft

Release: TreeDraw 4.4.2

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Last revision: Last week

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TreeDraw is a software package that is designed for computers that run Microsoft Windows. In that, it is really effective at putting together information that can result in complex family trees or charts. This gives people the ability to see the origins of their genes. Data must be imported from an external source, but the truth of the matter is that the process is very easy. You can incorporate all different types of media, which include pictures, videos, or any sort of clip-art that you can imagine. Also, the family trees can extend as far as you possibly want to depend on the information that is provided to the software.


  • Producing perfectly placed charts that indicate the origins of one's family name
  • Rearranging of the family tree once it is completed by adding text, pictures, or anything else you can imagine
  • The family chart can be exported as an Adobe PDF file
  • Entering of all information can be manually done even after the completion of the chart. This allows people to edit and make the chart exactly how they want it.

TreeDraw is very useful and has a very specific use case. It is something that is obviously not useful for someone that has no interest in learning about their family tree. However, if you are interested in learning about your family and putting all of the paths of each individual component of the family onto a piece of paper, then this is the software for you. It is easy to edit the information, and the charts come out perfectly. You can change the size, reformat the table, and look at whatever it is that you want to change. Export the file into a PDF before saving it, printing it, or doing whatever it is that you want to do with it. The charts can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be.

Very easy to create family trees/charts as opposed to any other software.
Drew Moyer
I believe this is a great idea, because it allows users to create their own family trees unlike pre existing software that creates it for you. The option to go back and edit the family tree once it has already been created is also another great feature in case someone needs to be added. It is crucial that the family tree is able to be printed, or emailed to share with other members in the family.
mam team
Very easy to create family trees/charts as opposed to any other software.
Kian Knudsen
TreeDraw software is used to create family trees and assist with personal genealogy research. Not only does it allow you to create family trees, it also allows you to import your previous data and add pictures or other desired graphics. The software seems to be very useful for genealogy research, but I am not sure I would use it considering the existence of existing online platforms that incorporate research tools as well.
TreeDraw for Windows is a software program that will let you create your own family trees. Just bring in your family tree from a genealogy program or database and then feel free to customize your data with a variety of options such as text, images, or other graphics. Finally, you have the option to combine family trees so you can create more extensive diagrams.
Have you ever heard of a vector graphics editor? That is exactly what TreeDraw is. It is a type of software that provides a myriad of family tree diagrams utilizing information gathered from outside sources like GEDCOM files and/or Kin Pro and Kith tables. The application permits end-user reformation of exotic figures by employing functionalities familiar to the majority of illustration applications say segment replacement and resizing. Sourcing a blend of succeeding and lineal trees from a solitary or a multitude of data, creating a composite set of diagrams that is capable of expanding into a myriad of trajectories is within reach.
TreeDraw is an ancestry program for PCs running Microsoft Windows. The program is a graph supervisor which helps family history specialists in making and printing genealogies. Created by SpanSoft, Scotland, the product is disseminated as shareware with a free time for testing.This ancestry programming keeps up a connection between each outline text component and the source field in the first Kith and Kin Pro information base. This implies that you can refresh every content component consequently to reflect any adjustments in the first information. The tree interface for every content component can likewise be changed physically. This is an amazing component that gives you power over the substance and organization of the content in the outline.
TreeDraw is an ancestry program for PCs running Microsoft Windows. The program is an outline manager who helps family history specialists in making and printing genealogies. Created by SpanSoft, Scotland, the product is conveyed as shareware with free time for testing. The TreeDraw parentage outlining device for Windows makes it simple to create totally spread out diagrams and consolidate pictures, cut craftsmanship, and other straightforward illustrations. You have authority over which information the product imports and how it designs it, so graphs might be as intricate or as straightforward as you wish.
This software is for someone who tends to be quite a junior level in creating charts or not familiar with PowerPoint functions. Instead of drawing with MS Word to draw out tree diagrams, TreeDraw for Windows allows an easy way to do it. Once the original tree diagram is created, you can easily edit each text and will automatically format the chart. It can able to recognize specific text and support non-UK date formats and other languages. The program can also allow you to import simple graphics such as pictures, clip-art, diagrams, images so you can upgrade the look and feel of the chart. And of course, once you are done, you can convert or export your chart as PDF so it can be easily shared or embedded in other documents.
If you need to draw some genealogy charts, add clip art, export to PDF, etc., this program will get you there. It has a detailed user manual and good installation instructions. Perfect for business users. And it supports non-UK date formats! So we here in the states can enjoy having our clocks and timestamps match up correctly.
The concept is interesting and perfect for those individuals that want to create their family tree. I feel the digital art needs to be more smooth and unique. It looks very basic and not worth spending money on.
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